Friday, January 9, 2015

A walk along the Grand Union Canal from Alperton to Greenford

 When I took on this petsitting job I had no idea there was a canal anywhere near Wembley so it was a pleasant surprise. Since arriving I have wanted to walk the tow path from Alperton to Greenford and finally the right day arrived.  This morning was sunny but clouds predicted for the afternoon. Rain is predicted for tomorrow and cloudy on Sunday and then I am outta here so it was a case of now or never.

So off I went.  I had done part of this trail a couple of times previously but instead of turning around I carried on.   The same gang of swans were there to hiss and give me dirty looks as I passed by.

Moody teenage cygnet
It was pretty quiet along the tow path and I only ran into the odd walker - or should I say nearly got run over by the odd cyclist...don't get me started.  Is it too hard to say bike on your left/right or ring a bell..?   It was hard to believe I was in one of the biggest cities on the planet as it was so peaceful.  I realize that one of the walks I do with Emma is on the other side of the golf course and cemetery I could see on the other side of the canal.

Piggery Bridge....where did they get that name from? Do I really want to know? 

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday...

At the Horsenden Hill visitor centre I took the opportunity to use the facilities and then started up one of the paths that led up the hill..I ended up walking beside a golf course so was hoping no stray golf balls would hit me on the noggin.  As it had rained yesterday the paths were very muddy and I was so relieved that I had thought to wear my hiking boots.  The view of North London was lovely.  I ran into a trio of walkers, one of whom took my photo and I returned the favour  I sat on a bench up there, ate my snack of a pear and cookie, had some water and then decided to venture back.  The hill is 276 feet above sea level and the summit is part of an ancient settlement from the Iron Age.

I opted to go back the same way I had come up as I can get lost in a paper bag...I decided to "be safe"and not explore.  And can you believe I left my phone charging on the kitchen counter?  Yes Laurie, go walking on your own and forget your phone...duh....need I add I am not one of those people who are tethered to their phones?  

Back onto the path which was even quieter as the clouds started rolling in.  Finally the walking bridge appeared which indicated I was heading to the end of my walk.

This path to Horsenden Hill was good compared to some of them. 

I saw a few canal boats on the move today

This is where I left the path and headed back home via public transport. 
I followed the easy instructions back to the tube station and after a short tube and bus journey I was back in Alperton.   I rewarded myself with a late lunch/early supper - momos...and veggie korma.....very nice.

I really enjoyed this walk (probably about 5 or 6 km) and it's given me an incentive to do even more canal walks during my time in London.  

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