Saturday, January 3, 2015

A walk along the river on the second day of 2015

Yesterday I decided to do one of the British Walking Federation walks that I have done many times before.  I belong to the Canadian Volkssport Federation which is affiliated with the British Walking Federation.   We track our walks through a complicated but fun way of stamping books, etc.  I have done this walk on pretty well every trip to London in the past ten years....although not the last trip over due to ill health.   I decided to walk as far as I could go yesterday which sadly I knew wouldn't be the full 11 km due to bad knees and having to be back for the dog.  (where I am staying was over an hour of travel time each way - doggie's bladder can only last so long)

I am sure you will see lots of views of this walk on my blog in the coming months as the seasons unfold but enjoy this one of the river walk on the second day of 2015.  Tourists out in full force...eek! (because you know I am not really a tourist despite the camera around my neck and holding a foreign passport...ha ha)

I started off at Tower Hill tube station and there before me was the Tower of London.  Talk about lots of tourists...I haven't toured the Tower since 1988 (and before that 1975) - I guess maybe I should revisit it sometime soon (if I can afford the prices - yikes!)  as I really can't remember too much except for seeing where Anne Boleyn got the chop.....but not today...

I then walked over Tower Bridge enjoying the beautiful views.  I love the combination of old and new in London.  Sometimes the buildings are a bit looks like it's trying to be a TV with rabbit ears?  Maybe it will eventually endear itself to me like the Gherkin (officially 30 St Mary Axe but everyone calls it the Gherkin) which is pictured here as well...the glass structure that well... looks like a Gherkin!

London City Hall in foreground with the towering Shard behind it - I can see the Shard from the hill where I walk Emma..and trust me I am MILES away! 
Once over the bridge I took a short detour to view Shad Thames - a street once full of warehouses that stored spices, tea and a much desired residential area.  The bridges were used for rolling barrels from one building to another - they are now used as balconies for the flats.  I have walked in this area before and loved it and will be doing this again next month when I begin my attempt of the 180 mile Thames Path....

Desirable place to live with cafes and shops a plenty.  
I then started along the South Bank of the Thames with lovely views of Tower Bridge and the skyline of the city.  

I wandered past lots of old warehouses that are now shops and thriving businesses.  There has been much revitalization of this area in recent years - in my earlier days of visiting London there was nothing much to see in this area but deserted dockland.  

Okay what does the building on the left look like to you.  On the right...the Gherkin - once I viewed it as "what the hell is that"but now I am fond of it. 
Christopher Wren's Masterpiece and focal point in The City - St Paul's Cathedral

An example of a wharf turned into a shopping centre.  
A fun place to sit. 
Cute little train for the kiddies - that will be gone soon as here for Xmas season only. 

Yes, even a skateboarding park
The spires of Southwark Cathedral - they have a lovely cafe to rest and take a break. (but not this time) It is also right beside Borough Market.  
The Shard dominates the skyline around London Bridge

Skating rink at the London Eye
The hoardes of people - you had to fight your way through. week it should be better. (she says hopefully) 

Hi Ben.   
I hope you enjoyed this post on walking the south side of the Thames.  You will get to know this side of the river very well as the months roll on.

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Lorraine Martin said...

it looks like your are enjoying living in London and belonging to the walking club. Lorraine

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