Sunday, January 18, 2015

Here she is finally

Well here I am... a week late and a few dollars short.. or should I say a few pounds and euros short.  As I am pecking away on my online keyboard I can hear the rain pouring down here in Lisbon but it is supposed to stop for a while later this morning.  I've had quite a bit of rain here but then again it is winter and beats the snow at home any day.

I had a couple of reasons for not blogging.... this insane keyboard.  I have a surface tablet and have the touch keyboard which is driving me insane. Not good for typists like me..more for the pecking crowd which is what I have to do.  Relief is coming next week in the form of a new keyboard.(and even better a friend to join me) I also have had problems getting into blogger but for now I have found a way in.  The other reason?  Feeling a bit down in the dumps despite being in this beautiful city,  Why? On my arrival into Lisbon by airport bus we hit a woman apparently jaywalking.  I did not see it but heard a horrible loud thump and a howling screaming sound which turned out to be the driver who was absolutely devastated as you can imagine. I don't know the fate of the woman but I can only imagine.  Emergency services were arriving as we were leaving the bus.  As it turned out we had already passed my stop but I could not understand the announcement. It hasn't escaped me that if I had gotten off there we never would have hit that woman. I try not to go there. I can still hear that horrible thump which was more like a bang and the screaming. One split second bad decision and this happens to that poor woman. And the poor driver having to deal with this. I don't know what kind of services are available here but I hope he gets the help he needs. 

So Lisbon has been tinged a bit with sadness and yes a bit of fear. Fear that yes bad things really do happen and especially if you are not careful. Need I add I am a bit paranoid crossing streets. 

Lisbon is absolutely gorgeous I must say even if it hasn't worked its way into my (currently) sad  heart. I wish I wasn't so darn sensitive. Ah well.

My hotel is wonderful and a warm haven to come back to each day. Very handy to everything. Thanks for the recommendation Pat!

I have been out exploring the different neighborhoods each day and taking lots of pictures.  I will share more in the coming days now that I can access my blog once again.

Here are a couple of my favorites to enjoy until my next post which hopefully won't be a week coming.

View from park in Bairro Alto

Rossio Square

View from lookout in Alfama

Sao Jorge csstle

Belen tower 

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