Sunday, January 11, 2015

Moseying around the East End of London on a Sunday afternoon

I had full intentions of finishing up a 10 km walk today, I really did.  Then I got on the train and changed my mind....  So off I went but silly me got off at the wrong station.  I got off at Whitechapel so had a bit of a walk to get to Brick Lane...but it was a new area for me so it was all good.

So without further yakking I will let the pictures tell the story...street art and food was the Sunday Upmarket today but I resisted going in and looking at the craft stalls.  I will do that in a few weeks with a friend....Sunday is THE day to go to the East End if you like markets....and get off at East Aldgate tube station and away you go! 

Christ Church Spitalfields in the background

Very popular place as you might guess. 

Momos!!  Yes that was lunch.

Side street

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