Friday, January 2, 2015

On the Paddington Trail or Stalking the Bear (Part 2)

All the bears are gone now....they will be auctioned off to raise money for a children's charity...perhaps some businesses will buy them and we will see some on the streets again...who knows.... I did get to see 39 of them which out of a total of around 50 is pretty darn good I'd say.  I had lots of fun hunting them down on my own and with my friend Pat and I got to see some parts of London I'd never seen before....and it's amazing how clever these bears are...they can really hide well at times...

So here we go again on the Paddington trail.....some of my favourites in no particular order...

Bearer of Gifts - at Hamleys toy store
Rainbow - South Molton Street 

At Platform 8, Paddington Station - an empty Paddington station...THAT was a first!
Paddingtonscape - Norfolk Gardens...interestingly enough you can see the hotel I will be staying at in late January in the background!  
Bearing up - along canal tow path, Paddington- he was covered with a very soft material - I could have been arrested for molesting a Paddington Bear...he just felt so nice! 

Texting Sheldon Square 
Love, Paddington X - Rembrandt Gardens 
Mayor of Paddington - along Canal tow path, Paddington 

Futureistic Paddington - along Paddington canal tow path. 
Paddington Jack - Horse Guards Parade 
The Bear of London - Trafalgar Square

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