Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On the street where I live.....sort of

Can you believe I did not take a single picture yesterday?  Not a one...first time since I left home four weeks ago today....I had a quieter day.  Emma and I hung out in the morning - okay she slept and I hung out with a pot of coffee and Netflix on the tablet and was just lazy. I needed that.  After walking her in the rain I headed out to see a movie...oh the Cineplex at Wembley Stadium shopping centre.   It was cheap Tuesday so I got it for a tiny bit less than what I would pay full price at home..ah well..."The Theory of Everything".  Awesome movie.  It is based on the relationship/marriage of Stephen and Jane Hawking - taken from the book she has written on her life with him. (which I must put on my reading list when I get home)  After the film I was looking forward to a nice meal at Momo House, a restaurant that serves Nepalese and East Indian food that I had been to previously with Pat.  The home owners highly recommended it.  Sadly when I happily jumped off the bus salivating at the thought of momos and perhaps a veggie korma it there was a notice saying it was closed for the day....insert sad face... . So I came home and ate leftover quiche and salad...poor me.  I will go this evening on my way back from the Natural History Museum.  I also intend to try out a Sri Lankan restaurant they have recommended as Sri Lanka is on my radar within the next two years.  If I could have afforded it this year I would have of this writing I only have five more sleeps here so I had better get at it hadn't I?  I have been eating in quite a bit as it's such a novelty to go grocery shopping here.

Because of my quiet day I thought I'd share  some photos of the area that I am staying in is called Alperton and is the southern edge of an area of London called Wembley.   If it wasn't for the big red buses rolling by you would almost think you were in India..though no cows wandering around - I call it India double double...(Canadians will get that) .I live on a quieter side street but this is a three minute walk from when I step out my door..

Sorry about the bins - loved the ad..I nip into this newsagents for bits and pieces

Where the car is pulling out is "my"road...

This market is brightly lit at night. 

I could buy a Sari anytime I felt like it...

Shri Sanatan Hindu Mandir
Good to know there's weekend service!

As you can see...a vibrant exciting street...I am enjoying this area - so different ...I guess the only gripe I have is that they tend to not bin their rubbish (see I am talking British already)and it tends to be all over the place ..I am not in the market for a sari needless to say but if it was near to the end of my trip I would be tempted to buy some Indian spices. (then again...I have a cupboard full of spices I buy on holidays determined I will be cooking all sorts of exotic fare..a lot of it still unopened...)  I am getting accustomed to it now but at the beginning I could smell the incense and curry in the air which to me is not unpleasant at all.  A very unique area and one I am so glad I got to experience.

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