Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rainy day in London Town so it's time for a catch up

Yes it's pouring cats and dogs here in North London.  This was predicted however so I made plans to go out this evening to see "Thriller", the music of Michael Jackson in the west end this evening.   I don't feel badly staying in today knowing I have something fun to do tonight.  I saw this musical a few years back and loved it and was able to get a ticket up in the balcony for twenty pounds on the Get into London Theatre website.  They are offering tickets at about 40% off the regular price until the middle of February.  I have a couple more lined up for next month.

Time is ticking away.  Four more sleeps and I will be finished taking care of Emma....yes just Emma.. something I didn't share on this blog is that Scylla the kitty cat passed away at the end of December.  It was very sad and very traumatic - she was poorly when I started looking after her and it went steadily downhill.  Not a very good start to my "career"of international pet sitting is it?  At least I can say she passed away in my arms...she was a sweet cat.  Here is a photo of she and Emma curled up together..something they did quite often.

  I know I did nothing wrong - I was left with a very sick cat...  I am wondering about the pet sitting thing and whether or not it is really me.  Although I must say it's been great not to have paid accommodation for the past three plus weeks.  However it does come at a per the above and not being able to get out for the whole day.  I am an hour's train ride from central London plus add in another half hour to walk to the tube station and back - I try not to be gone more than six hours so I am constantly looking at my watch.  

I am hoping the rain slows done this afternoon so Emma and I can go for a short walk at least before I take off for the West End later.  

Rain is now predicted for the next two days but I shall see how heavy it is before I decide what to do. I have a few things on my "to do"list before I leave London this time around.  I will be spending early next week in Brighton before boarding my flight to Lisbon a week from looks like the sun has disappeared for a while according to the forecast but that's's winter and it beats snow and -40C.  

I have been mostly eating in as it's been fun shopping in the food hall at Marks and Spencer and at Sainsburys, etc. I treated myself to a steak and ale pie from Borough market that did me two meals and is definitely on my "must get again"list.  I think..well I know..I have an obsession with brussel sprouts...and they are so cheap here of course. Tonight though it's a ready meal of pasta.  I hope to revisit Momo House if it is ever open when I want to go - irritating... - and also Palm Beach which is a Sri Lankan/South Indian restaurant nearby.

Lonely?  No, not really.  Friends and family are only an email, phone call or Skype call away.  I am pretty independent and do enjoy my own company.  I will be seeing a friend next week for the day and another one the week after for about ten days.  Ask me later on in February how it's going.  

My accommodation is sorted for February...I will be living in SE London for over three Brockley in Lewisham.  It is an airbnb home - I decided to give petsitting a rest for a while. I have a TV in my room and access to the kitchen so I can cook my meals when I want to.  While living in that area I plan to start walking the 180 mile Thames Path and explore more of the east end. Hopefully take part in more meet up walking events which I have enjoyed (and actually be able to join them in the pub later!)  and take some day trips with Megabus. From there...who knows?  All I know right now is that I will be in Turkey from approximately March 22nd to April 9th.  I have lots of ideas but nothing solid booked. 

Unless I am out at an event of some kind evenings are spent in watching Coronation Street or one of the British dramaas/mysteries that I love....or something on Netflix....with Emma curled up beside me something like this.  

Things are going well..I have now been on the road for just over four's been great being able to do laundry when I want to (even if you can barely put anything in the machine and it takes hours to do - what's with British washing machines...) ..and having the run of a home I must admit.  I would like to do pet sitting in the future however I don't want multiple pets - so many people have three and four dogs and that does not fit into what I want to do on this trip.  

It's nice to relax - still in my jammies as once I have that shower Emma will be harassing me for a walk...that is the signal that Laurie is ready to boogie on out of here (never a good thing according to her) and she always gets a walk first....I'll leave you with a view of the back garden/yard as seen a few minutes ago.  Look at that green...I will take green rather than white any day thank you!  

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