Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Walking along the Grand Union Canal with Emma

This morning I was a bit more ambitious than yesterday (though Emma did get her walk...) and Emma and I went out walking for about an hour. This time we went the other way.  The Grand Union canal winds its way through the Alperton area (it runs from London to Birmingham actually) which I discovered when a couple of friends sent me links to a walk along the tow path of the canal. (which I will be doing in the next few days without  Emma).  This canal walk is  pretty in places...but it can be NOT so pretty as well.  As I mentioned in my last post there are a lot of litter bugs in this area which is disgusting (and let's not get into the habit some of the locals have of spitting and blowing their nose onto the pavement....makes me nauseous thinking about it) so I have included photos of that too.  It's not totally idyllic trust me....but it was still a peaceful walk especially once we got past the housing estate which is where all the garbage was.  Emma is not the easiest dog to walk,  motivated as she is by food (which I can identify with)...always straining on the leash to get to some "tasty"morsel.  Once we were past the dog version of an all you can eat buffet Emma calmed down and it was a pleasant walk - unfortunately we had to once again come back that way.

So here we go....hope you're ready, Emma sure is!!!
First we have to go through One Tree Hill park which is a short cut to the road that leads to the canal

I bring you this vision of green especially for my friend Dena!!! 

Piccadilly Line tube train roaring by
The gang...can you hear the hissing.  These swans were bad asses and would NOT move like their more timid friends...I am sure they've seen off fiercer dogs than Emma (who ignored them - now if they had had food in their beaks that would be a different story)  I call them the Grand Canal Swan gang...

One of the not so pretty bits and Emma investigating

Well come on...what's holding you up? 

More garbage...or rubbish I should say...this is by a housing estate.  

Emma admiring the view

Canal boats 

Getting to the pretty more secluded bit - can't wait to explore more sans Emma another day! 

Heading back...hurry up Laurie,  let's back to the yummy smelly part of the tow path! 
So long! 
Hope you enjoyed the walk as much as we did!  

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