Saturday, February 21, 2015

A walk from St Paul's to St Katharine Docks

Friday dawned dull and damp but I decided I wanted to finish the walk I had started two days earlier.  So off I headed on the train - this time I got off at the Thames City link station which was near St Paul's.  I stopped and had a flat white coffee as I hadn't had my morning caffeine fix.  I did buy ground coffee and they have a very cheap coffee maker here but let's just say it's caffeine and be done with it - it's not too enjoyable. 

After I had my fix I headed off poking my head into most of the nooks and crannies along the way.

The route took me past the Monument which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of 1666.  You can climb to the top for a view which I did on my first trip over but I sure wasn't going to do it this time around. 

As you can see the sky was slate gray which is why I decided to shoot in black and white or sepia for the rest of the day.  A few minutes after I left the Monument the route took me onto the North bank of the Thames Path. 

Before I knew it I was at the Tower of London....

I don't recall seeing these lions before,,,

Lots of tourists although I've seen it much worse

Tower Bridge was built much later than the Tower of London,,,completed 1894

Traitors gate - you went in this way but you never came out - not in one piece anyway!

Love the contrast of old and new with the waklie taklie and Gherkin bldgs  lurking behind

I then went into St Katharine Dock - this site has been in use for over a thousand years in many incarnations.  Before its present role as a modern high end resididential area with shops and bars it was a dockyard for 150 years before closing in the 60's due to its design not being able to handle larger vessels. There are still vessels but they are for personal recreation only. 

Lots of nice food being sold at the dock but alas...I wasn't hungry..
On my way back to the tube station I took this shot - I love it. 

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