Monday, February 2, 2015

Back in London town

Yes I am back for another three weeks in my favorite place in the world.  And yes I will be talking more about Madeira - have most of a blog post ready to go on one of the walks we did.   I had a great weekend with June and Steve - was there anything we didn't do including taking in a West End show (War Horse which was fabulous) and a movie ("Wild" - very inspiring) in one day - preceded by lunch in China town and a followed by some drinks in the pub - what a day! Yesterday we went to the Brick Lane markets and then Steve drove me to my new home.  Let me tell you that was wonderful - saved me hauling my luggage all across the city from Paddington to here in SE London. And pretty neat to drive across London!

I am currently staying in Brockley which is in SE London.  My room is huge with lots of storage space and I spent last night happily putting things away.  Well the clothes that were clean that is..not too many but that was solved with a trip to the launderette which is a block away on the main road.  There is also a post office nearby as well as a small grocery store and bonus... a Barclays bank - Barclays is affiliated with my bank in Canada so I don't have to pay a transaction fee when I withdraw money from the ATM.  Ten minutes away by bus in Lewisham is a very busy shopping area with Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys grocery store, BHS which is a department store - well everything really and it also has a great fruit and vegetable market as well.  So I am set.  I saw a very interesting looking cemetery which is probably about a ten minute walk from here so that will be fun to explore.  Janet my host says there are lots of interesting walks around here and she may go with me on one some day. My room overlooks the back yard and beyond that is a green space with trees.  Very quiet; I slept like a log last night.

Today has been very low key with washing clothes and getting food at Marks & Spencer and a few other things I needed other places.  I am tired so it's time for a rest.  I was originally planning to start walking the Thames Path tomorrow but my knees are still not feeling great so going to give them another rest day.  I may take the bus into town as I have an errand to do.  Apparently the 172 bus to St Pauls is an interesting bus ride so I will very likely do that.  London buses will be going on strike on Thursday so I must do this while I can. 

I have quite a few things lined up for February which include another musical, a ballet and some walks with meet up groups I belong to.  It's going to be a good month!! 

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