Wednesday, February 25, 2015

By the sea again..

Yes I am by the sea again...I love the sea, ocean, whatever....I love big bodies of salt water!!!  I nearly called this blog Misplaced Ocean Child but then I thought "well London doesn't have an ocean.."...anyway here I am.

My journey down to Cornwall was good, it went so smoothly I kept thinking "okay this is going too well, something major is going to happen" but it didn't.  I didn't fall between the train and the platform at Crofton Park..  I was able to lift the monster..aka my suitcase...onto the train and a fellow in there moved his briefcase so I could haul it in...yep chivilary is not dead..uh huh...I hauled myself in and off we went to Blackfriars, I got my change onto the Circle/District  line platform and low and behold there was a Circle line train via Paddington three minutes later.  I couldn't believe my luck as it doesn't come too often.  I got to Paddington station in plenty of time - way ahead of time actually but I'd rather do that than be rushing.  That's when things happen.  Bad things.  I was able to get a coffee and a pastry and sit and relax for a bit. I then picked up a sandwich and some grapes for lunch.  I gave my regards to the statue of Paddington Bear who is now under the clock on Platform 1 where he should be.  I then went into the waiting room because London's train stations are so freaking cold and there is nowhere to sit.  The waiting room was hot but oh well...I got into a conversation with a woman who had just come back from cruising the Caribbean.  Turns out her husband works on a cruise ship and she goes with him for months at a time.  She said it's her turn  now - he was in the Merchant Marines and would be gone for months at a time and she was at home for 22 years raising children and holding the fort.  We had such a good time chatting that the time flew by and soon it was time to board our respective trains.- hers went three minutes before mine. 

I sat opposite a sweet couple who were going to visit the Eden project so we had a quiet conversation as we were in the quiet coach.  Oh how I love that - your mobile has to be turned off so no phone conversations or loudness.  Bliss!!! 

Nearly five hours later we arrived in St Erth where I got a connecting two coach train to St Ives.  The train ran along the sea the entire way - I remembered the journey from my two previous trips in 1982 and 1999.  Spectacular.  It had rained on and off during the journey but I arrived to sunshine. 

I found my way to my bed and breakfast and the owners were so lovely and welcoming.  My room is adorable and has everything I need. 

I quickly headed out to take advantage of the sun - I am literally steps from the ocean and a three minute walk from the harbour.......this small beach is a couple of minutes walk from me....

I walked around the town a bit and then had fish and chips for supper.  On the way back the light was absolutely amazing...

I had a fairly early night as I've been battling a "throat thing" as I call it...I don't like to admit that I am ill...I woke during the night and I swear I was snoring "in my chest".  I was very congested.  Luckily it has improved but I know I have to take it easy and not push myself...

Trish prepared a great breakfast of my choice...bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and brown toast.  And wow it was proper wheat toast with seeds and everything - not the brown tasteless crap they usually serve here in bed and breakfasts...

Fully sated I headed off to do some exploring....they have been having high tides here and all I can say is WOW!!  I was going to take a short cut along this water front path to the visitor centre but decided hmmm...maybe not!

These birds are called Rock Terns - aren't they adorable? 

I  made my way to the tourist office and got some great information in regards to walks in the area.  I asked about bus schedules and she gave me a book of the times and buses "because you're from Canada".  That was nice!!

I then headed back to the bed and breakfast to change into my hiking boots.  Here are some photos I took along the way..


Once the boots were on I headed down East Back road to Poerthmeor Beach and The Island.  This is the Atlantic ocean side of St Ives.  The waves were spectacular and it was absolutely fantastic, I could have happily sat on a bench all day watching. 
Porthmeor Beach

The path around The Island

St Nicholas chapel - no known date of it being built but it's been around since the 15th century - it's been rebuilt recently. 

View of the harbour from the other end of town - yes I got around!

Famous local sculpture Barbara Hepworth's work

Porthminster Beach
I've had many a cream tea in my day but not with this view!



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