Day 4 on the Thames Path - Vauxhall Bridge to Putney Bridge

I knew I had a long journey ahead of me this morning so had a quick wash (a sacrifice for me as I do love my hot daily shower) and toast and cereal for breakfast and I was off.  I have access to two train stations near here and the one I took today was one block away.  Which is handy BUT getting on the train itself is terrifying as there is such a huge gap between the platform and the train and it's high.  I haul myself up but am a bag of nerves the entire time.  If I couldn't fall between the train and the platform a teenager could and you'd never see a small child again.... it's the same at the other train station near here. And let's not talk about getting off... my knees are not happy.   I am already worried about how I am going to get my luggage up on the train let alone me when it comes time to leave!  I keep meaning to take a picture of the gap but I am in such a damn hurry to get on I never do!  Let's just say if I had a couple of glasses of wine I'd never make it. 

Then I got to Elephant and Castle and promptly got lost again for the third time.  (I wasn't kidding about getting lost in a paper bag). But this is really bad - you have to transfer between the train station and the tube station.  Whoever designed the train station ought to be shot at sunrise and I will do the honors.  (forgive the spelling; my tablet is an American) Today I was the crazy lady walking around swearing to myself - finally someone directed me.  Let me tell you last night a couple of ladies were lost too so we rang around together looking for the train station.  I mean really... who puts the ONLY entrance to the train station in a shopping center on the other side of the huge round about/circle and then doesn't provide decent directions.  If you can find the subway under the road you can follow directions but then none when you get out. 

Anyway I finally made it to Vauxhall station and I was off.  It was dull all day so the photos aren't pretty and well, the scenery for most of the way wasn't exactly riveting.  However I enjoyed the walk - I love not knowing what's around the next corner. 

Vauxhall Bridge

Riveting scenery isn't it. 

I stopped to visit Battersea dog and cats home and visited all the dogs.  I am happy to report there weren't too many of them.  Always a good thing. 

One of the entrances to Battersea park

The path runs along the park boundaries
Albert Bridge - it was hard to pick up the colors on this dull day but we're talking green, blue, yellow and pink - built in 1873.  When it is lit up at night it looks like it belong s at the seaside. 

The toll booth - no longer in service! 

Battersea Bridge

Even walked through a churchyard! 

I had a light lunch (welsh rarebit) at the Ship Inn - opened 1786

Lots of housing that used to be docks that brought in sugar and spices

The path goes through Wandsworth park..such as it is...
And here we are in Putney..adorable pub but I resisted...