Friday, February 20, 2015

Scheming and plotting and making plans

Yes I have been busy the past few days - what can I say my credit card has been smokin' - online that is. It is funny as I normally love booking accommodation and transport and researching but of course normally I am at home with not only more free time but the planning helps feed my wanderlust.  Well I don't need that now so I kept putting it off. 

It was my relatives in Yorkshire inviting me up the weekend of March 6th that made me realize I had better start planning things as I had no clue where I would even be on March 1st. 

A few days ago I finally booked London accommodation for March 12th until I fly to Turkey on the 21st (just booked as well...) ...something I should have done weeks it is I think I found a nice place after the first application was rejected due to the host going on holidays.  However I am staying not all that far from here - still a new area but not in a totally different area like I had wanted.  There just wasn't the selection available.  Oh well...

Except for train journeys within Europe I think I am sorted now until I fly back to London somewhere around April 23rd - oh yes that still needs to be done......I may be looking after Emma in Alperton again but nothing has been finalized.  I need to know that before I head over to Turkey as I don't want to be fiddling around with accommodation and flights while I am in Turkey and Europe.

So here's what it looks like....on Monday I go to St Ives, Cornwall on the train and am staying a week.  Right now the forecast is calling for nonstop rain but we won't talk about that okay...I am fine with rain as long as it's not torrential..I am staying at a darling Bed and Breakfast in the old area of the town.  Being winter I got a deal.  I have been to St Ives twice before and love it - I am hoping to get buses to Mousehole, Land's End, Penzance and just wander the cobblestones of that gorgeous little town.  And walk on their beaches of course.  Even in the rain....A long time penpal and her husband are coming over to see me and we will have a pub lunch together so I am looking forward to that. Then it's off to Liverpool for four nights on the train.  I am staying at an airbnb place in the Wirral for something different...I will be going to Manchester one day to do the Coronation St tour and am so excited about that...the next day I will be doing a tour of Paul and John's houses with the National Trust.  Another exciting day!  The other day I plan to do the 10km Beatles walk and what I can't do I will finish up after the house tour.  Yep that's organized...I have been to Liverpool before on a few occasions but not since 1994.... Then it's on to Yorkshire to visit with my family for the weekend.  Back to York on Sunday evening where I will spend four nights  as I hope to do both walks in York and hopefully get to Harrogate... got another deal on a Bed and Breakfast... Back down to London to the afore mentioned airbnb - by then it will be good to be able to do a bit of light cooking as in ready meals with veggies on the helps the old bank balance and I get sick of eating out as well.  Then I fly off to Turkey on March 21st...where I start my two week tour on the 23rd.   The morning after the tour is over I fly to Vienna where I will spend six nights at a guest house.  My long time pen pal Lisa lives there so we will meet at long last.  I am so excited to visit Vienna for the first time - if I have time I'd love to take a day trip to Salzburg as I love it there.  Then on to Northern Bavaria to visit my friend Claudia for a couple of days before we head off for five nights in Prague...I think my time in Germany will be relaxation.....a good idea me thinks?  Back to Claudia's for another night or two and then back to London...

May is pretty well an open book except for a couple of commitments but I do plan to spend the first half of the month traveling - hopefully to Ireland (both north and south) and Scotland....latter part of May until I fly off to Iceland on the 4th of June will be based in London. I will be doing day trips as well...I have never been to Hever Castle so that's on the list as is Leeds Castle (it's been over 25 years)  I want to go to Oxford...well the list goes on and on...I will run out of time before I run out of ideas... My last week or so will be in my beloved Iolanthe bed and breakfast in Hampstead Garden Suburb - I can't think of a nicer way to end my dream trip.

So stay tuned - I am just getting warmed up!!! 

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