Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Horniman at Forest Hill

No, don't get excited,,, it's the Horniman museum!!  I actually never thought anything about the name but a perverted friend did,,, you know who you are!   Anyway thought it would be a catchy name for a blog post. 

I had wanted to combine my visit to the Horniman gardens in Forest Hill with my blog on Crystal Palace park however good old blogger wouldn't let me add any more text for some reason.  Just you wait until I get home blogger... just you wait...

I got instructions from a kind lady to the nearest train station and off I went.  It was a painless short trip to Forest Hill and I then carried on to the Horniman museum.  I had visited the museum on a rather frightful day (had to add that Britishism sorry...) so I didn't take the time to explore the gardens.  When that blue sky came rolling in I knew I had to go back and have a look...outside that here are the gardens as well as a couple of critters as they have kind of a mini zoo there as well.  It's a hodge podge of everything!!  Well worth a visit if you are in the area though.

Outside of the museum - beautiful mosiac

Rather quirky looking tower

Killer view of central London


Biggest damn rabbit/hare/whatever I've seen in my life..wish I had something beside to compare - it was HUGE

Then I followed this walk to near where I was staying...this path goes all over SE London

View from "another" One Tree Hill - the reason for the name below...

And here is the oak...Honor Oak is the name of the area beside where I am staying.  More than one tree you say but guess it was a special tree...
So that was my day - Crystal Palace Park and Forest Hill.  I had wanted to climb up One Tree Hill as well so that's done.  I think I have seen everything I want to see in this area now - I probably walked further than I should have on Sunday but could not resist as it was such a beautiful day.  I am absolutely loving having the time to do all this exploring of places the ordinary tourist doesn't get to see. 

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