Sunday, March 1, 2015

A cape, a mount and a fish pie

This past Thursday my pen friend Alison and I made plans to get together. We have written for over twenty years but had ever met - that was soon to change!  Alison, her husband Ken and one of their four dogs (Keisha) drove over from Devon to meet me.  I was so happy that they would even consider that and when she asked if there was someplace special I wanted to see I just said "anything"!  I was just looking forward to meeting her at long last and getting to meet Ken and Keisha as well. 

We headed off towards St Just stopping at  Cape Cornwall.  As you can see it was absolutely stunning.

Even Keisha was impressed! 


We then walked back across a field passing a structure that must have been a place of worship at some time....I love old reminded me of the ruins of crofts in Scotland.....only with a cross!

All that walking in the brisk sea air makes you a bit peckish so it was off for a pub lunch in St Just....

Fish pie made from fresh Newlyn fish...delicious
We then headed over to Marazion (just outside Penzance) where St Michaels Mount sits...this place is a confusing story of history and myths.  It was said that a mythical giant named Cormoran once lived on the Mount, and he used to wade ashore stealing cows and sheep from the villagers to feed his gargantuan appetite.  One night, a local boy called Jack rowed out to the island and dug a deep pit while the giant was asleep. As the sun rose, Jack blew a horn to wake the angry giant who staggered down from the summit and – blinded by the sunlight – fell into the pit and died.

It is said that fishermen saw a vision of Archangel Michael around 495 AD.  Benedictine Monks were granted ownership in 1070 and a stone church was built on the site in the next century.  It has had many owners and incarnations over the years and it is now privately owned however the National Trust oversees the running of it. 

It has the unique situation of being on an island in the sea...only accessible during high tide by boat or in the winter....a large amphibian type vehicle that goes in and out of water.  Luckily it was low tide and we were able to walk out to see it on the causeway.  It wasn't open that day but we were still able to walk around some of the grounds. 

St Michael'sMount ...looking quite formidable

Heading out on the causeway to the island

Looking back towards Marazion

Time to head back!
 We then headed back to St Ives and all too soon it was time to say goodbye to my friends..what a wonderful day it was.  Thanks again Alison and Ken!!! 

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