Saturday, March 14, 2015

A weekend on the east coast of Yorkshire

While I'm now back in my favourite place on earth (guess!) I had a wonderful time in Yorkshire.  I spent last weekend with my cousin Sue in her home in Sleights which is just outside Whitby on the east coast.  Whitby is a gorgeous town and while my photographs don't reflect the true loveliness of it due to cloudy skies, seriously it is beautiful. 

I took the train from Liverpool to York where my cousin Judy and her husband Colin picked me up.  A little confusion as they came right to the platform and I didn't see them nor even look for them and headed for the entrance/exit to the station where I thought they would meet me.  England it seems has taken down ticket barriers as your tickets are checked on the train - it used to be you needed to put your ticket through a slot in the barrier to get through to the train.  So I just assumed they would be waiting at the entrance of the station....haven't I learned yet...never assume anything...

Anyway they drove me back to their home via Castle Howard which was closed however we had tea in the nice cafe and had a browse around the shop.  We then headed to their beautiful home in Beckhole which is near Goathland.  So I had them stop briefly in Goathland where I could take many wonderful memories there.  Not only of my aunt and uncle who would go there for holidays but of Judy's mom and aunt who lived there and were absolute sweethearts.  And we mustn't forget the British show "Heartbeat" which was filmed there.  Judy's mum and aunt were extras on the show now and again (as were quite a few of the locals) so it was great fun to watch it and spot them! 

Isn't it a darling village...there are sheep everywhere! 

Okay before you get confused....Judy and Sue and I share common great grandparents...our grandmothers were sisters, our mothers were cousins....but don't assume (we know that's dangerous) my roots are in Yorkshire...nope my grandparents were both from Gloucestershire.  However as far as I know no one is left there...they all either followed each other to Canada, died childless (or as I call it childfree..)or as in Judy and Sue's case...their grandmother married a Yorkshireman and moved north. 

So we headed to Judy and Colin's place and had a delicious evening meal of lasagna, salad and garlic bread. (and wine of course)  It was so good!  After traveling for so long it was good to have something home made....They then drove me on to Sue's place in Sleights. 

The last time I was in Yorkshire was 2007 which was much too long...Sue had just purchased a house in Sleights and had a massive remodelling project ahead of her.  Her house is absolutely beautiful with a lovely view out the back...

The next morning Sue drove me into Whitby and we had a mosey around stopping for a coffee...I resisted climbing the 199 steps up to the ruins of the Whitby castle and the Abbey!  Been there, done that - won't be doing it again.  My knees do NOT like steps! 

Abbey and castle on the hill

Lots of lobster fishing but the fishing of cod and other fish has really gone down in recent years and Whitby's fishing fleet is sadly not much now

Saturday morning shopping

Beginning of those 199 steps
We had a soup and sandwich  lunch in a nice pub and we both had stilton and apple sandwiches - a new combo for me and it was quite tasty.  No pictures sorry!

We then headed along the coast to Staithes, an old fishing village where the fisherwomen used to wear special bonnets to balance the basket of mussels on.  No longer of course.  I remember visiting this village back in 1975 on my firet ever trip to England so this was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me.

Heading down into Staithes...coming back up was fun but no stairs so it was all good

typical houses

I love these little passages - good for smuggling stuff I am sure!
View of Staithes from the breakwater

Time for tea and a yorkshire curd tart - good but not as good as those Portugese custard tarts!
Fully refreshed we headed inland to the moors per my request...I wanted to get close and personal with some sheep and believe you me you do see sheep on the moors....

Did you know Yorkshire sheep are called Maureen, Brenda or Glady?  This one was Brenda

In mid August to early September the moors are covered with purple heather....
That evening Colin took us all out for a wonderful meal at a pub in a nearby village...I had the famous Whitby scampi.....don't worry there were chip as well....

The next morning Sue fixed me yummy bacon and eggs and we had a relaxing morning before going to Judy and Colin's for a late lunch of ham, pork pie, chicken, salads and bread....delish.  All too soon it was time to say goodbye and Sue drove me to my bed and breakfast in York.....need I say I didn't need to leave the room to go and eat...especially as Judy had sent me with leftovers for lunch as a snack!! 
Luckily I was able to see Sue a couple of days later as she picked me up and we drove to her sister Ann's village of Wetwang and had lunch in a nearby pub. 
It was wonderful to see family again and revisit the beautiful coast of North Yorkshire....

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