Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Across the water to Asia for lunch

Yes today I was on the continent of Asia.  Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents - separated by the Bosphorus Strait.  I had wanted to get a boat across but I missed it because buying a ticket in a machine was too darn confusing...it's not like I can read Turkish!  So I ended up walking across the Galata bridge which turned out to be fun. 

I must back up and say that this morning we did an orientation walk.  I had done most of the places but it was great to learn more about them from our guide.  We also saw the remains of the hippodrome but the funniest part for me was the stray dogs that live in the area (of course) who chase all big vehicles (they especially like garbage trucks) out of the area.  No doubt a few lose their lives that way - we were quite impressed with the speed of a black and white speciman going hell bent after a small truck.   It was funny as they didn't chase the police car that went through the square or a motorcycle - if I was a dog I think chasing motorcycles would be a fun thing to do.  ...Anyway I digress...

We headed back through the Grand Bazaar again but only the main aisle and then into the spice market where we stopped at a lovely shop and some of us purchased a few items...mine were gifts except for some pomegranate tea..  (yum!) 

I then headed for the water front as we all had the afternoon free.  Once on the other side of the strait (the bridge walk was only ten minutes) I realized I was hungry but did not want a kebab or any kind of meat so opted for a "chief" salad.  What it actually was was a Greek salad.  Vegetables!  Yay!  Tonight we are going to a local restaurant - damn just when I decided I'd go for something non-Turkish (I was eyeing the pizza and pasta a couple of the others had ordered last night - I ordered the Turkish meatballs...) 

Fishermen were lined up on both sides of the bridge

Asian side of Istanbul - all the main attractions are on the European side
Anyway I then went to the other side of the road the bridge was on and darn it...a fabulous fish market with restaurants on the bank where you could order grilled fish and sit at a table on the grass by the water....  Ah well...

By the time I walked back to the European side of the city it was like all hell had broken loose.  Tons of people everywhere - I don't know where they came from but it was wild. 

I hit the ATM and took out much less than I had intended as I was thinking dollars not lira...duh....

Back here to rest up as out for dinner again tonight at 7.  I have to pack up my suitcase and fill my zip up bag with stuff to leave here....I will have to handle my luggage the whole trip (except for hotels - well some of them) so want it to be as light as it can be especially as tomorrow I will be hauling it onto a tram, a ferry and a bus! 

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