Monday, March 30, 2015

Climbing the Cotton castles and terraces of Pammukale

Well as I sit here typing this I am tucked up in bed with two huge blankets on me.  We are staying in a family owned guest house in Koyakopa in southern Turkey and there is no heat in the rooms.  The weather is unseasonably cold in Turkey this Spring (of course) so it is darn chilly in here.  Ah well once I am tucked under the covers I will be warm and cozy - I will try not to think about nocturnal wanderings to the bathroom.....

And tomorrow is a rest day!  Well for me anyway and a couple of others....there is a 6 km hike on the Lycian Way which I am opting out of.  It is rocky and steep - my favourite things...(not).  Due to the weather the hike itself may be canceled as it has rained for a good portion of the day and more expected for tomorrow.  The others who plan to do the walk may go to the Blue Lagoon by public transit but if it is raining it won't be that great....I need a day to relax and not worry about being on a schedule.  And obviously two of the other gals think so...So three of us are staying here...I plan a late leisurely breakfast and then we will likely wander around the village as long as it isn't raining and perhaps sample the local wine....   Judging from the roosters crowing around here it will likely be a competition for who is the loudest about 4 a.m....ah well, I can cuddle back into my bed and not worry about getting up.  Breakfast is anytime I want it....a delicious feeling. 

Yesterday we visited Pammukale...which are hills of calcium deposits and hot amazing sight.  It took us forever to get there as we had to take a train and then a bus (which was late) to our hotel.  A cute fat little white dog followed us from our hotel to the train station and hung around until our train left...

There were storks nesting in the aquaducts in the city centre so we went and had a look while we waited for the 10 a.m. train....

The train was a new one and the journey went quickly - unfortunately our transport was held up in traffic so we had to wait...then we had to have lunch with the result being we never got to start our descent up the hills of Pammukale until 4 o'clock. 

Once we reached the calcium deposits we had to remove our shoes and carry them the rest of the way up.  It was an interesting experience...they keep heated water running down parts of it and as well there are the natural is mostly smooth and easy walking but there are places where your feet are a bit uncomfortable...makes for a good pedicure I guess. 

Taking off the shoes

And off we go...

No we didn't climb this part!

When we got to the top (and put our shoes back on) we walked over to the mineral springs but it was closing in half an hour!  One of our group opted to go in but I decided to walk around and take more photos.  This was the site of the ruins of the city of Hierapolis but with limited time I was more interested in taking pictures of the calcium terraces.

As you can tell I found the effects of the setting sun on the terraces stunning.  It is a such a unique place to visit..and yes I will be posting more about this wonderful place.  I just wish we had had longer there - in order to see it and enjoy the mineral baths you need a full day. 

While four of our group opted to walk back down Keemet called a taxi for the rest of us.  Apparently it was a little trickier going down and I don't want to take any risks on this trip...I have too much to lose if I fall and break ambulance was taking someone away as I walked by the top of the terraces while I am was taking photos....with no shoes on there is no ankle support. 

Definitely a recommended place to spend some time if you are visiting Turkey! 

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