Monday, March 16, 2015

Day five on the Thames Path - Putney Bridge to Kew Bridge

Well after a three week break it was great to see my old friend the Thames again.....I took the train from the Streatham Common station (which is a three minute walk from here) to Clapham Junction.  Lordy, Lordy - the sign says it's the busiest railway station in Britain and I can believe it.  I nearly got knocked over a few times by people dashing from one platform to the other.  I finally found the correct platform for Putney station and I was off. 

After I arrived in Putney I had my first coffee of the day at the church cafe I visited at the end of my last walk.  Fully intending to get my receipt guess what?  Yep I forgot it....ah well.

So I was off and immediately was in the middle of great excitement....there was a women's rowing race happening in just was the scene as I strode (okay that's a strong word for how fast I move but it sounds good) along the banks.  Putney is known for rowing so it was really special to be there for a race. 

The path was like this for about half of the way - loved it!

Harrods furniture depository - no longer used as that I am told but it is in use for something
And they're off!  There were a lot of teams and it was fun to watch as I walked along the river bank.

Beautiful Hammersmith Bridge completed in 1887 - notice the crowd on the bridge cheering the rowers on

I must say the path was really crowded with cyclists, runners (there was a marathon happening near the end of my walk) and people watching the race.  I was glad to see so many people out enjoying the fine day but you constantly had to be wary of cyclists roaring by. 

Still at it!

Approaching Barnes

This would be a nice place to sit in the summer...

I stopped for a coffee and a "comfort break" here - and got my receipt!

One team is done! And yes, I had to duck under the boat!

Kew Railway bridge

And the end of my walk..and the beginning of the next one...

And back to this place...
I loved this walk!!  I am planning to walk some more of the Thames path on Wednesday and I am excited already!

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