Friday, March 20, 2015

Day six on the Thames Path - Kew Bridge to Kingston-on-Thames

I was excited to do the walk today as I knew it was going to be a beauty - and I was right!  Back through good old Clapham Junction trying not to get bowled over by people running down the corridors to get their train.  I arrived into Kew Bridge station and proceeded to walk back over Kew Bridge to where I left off on Saturday. 

Being a week day the trail was much quieter than it was last weekend but there were still quite a few people out. 

How could you NOT like walking along this trail? 

This was looking back - the river has always been on my right - the sun was in my eyes so opted for this view

Syon House across the river....
Syon House has some interesting history- Lady Jane Grey stayed here while plotting to overthrow Queen Mary I and Pocahontas was loaned this house as she found London rather dirty.  I hope to visit here before I leave as the plan is to do one of my walking club's walks in Richmond area before I leave...  but then I have plans to do lots of things!

Former Tudor boathouse that is now a tea room

Isleworth - cute town.  I need to walk on that side of the river! Thames path is both sides but my book covers the south!
Love this signage

Lovely Richmond - stopped to have a coffee and use the loo at a pub - ended up dumping the coffee in the river! Ugh!

Some more of lovely Richmond

The path was fabulous! 

Marble House
Kingston bridge
All too soon I was in Kingston...okay that sounded pretty.  The truth was I was damn glad to see Kingston as I had walked over 7 miles which is the longest I've walked since I hurt my back last summer. Plus I had not had as much as I should have eaten for breakfast.  We won't talk about the meat pie and veg etc that I demolished in about five minutes when I got to Kingston.   And the reason there aren't as much pictures is blogger is being a big pain...sorry about that.  I tried and ended up with them all over the place or huge.  Definitely an upgrade to Wordpress when I get back home and have finished talking about my adventures on this trip.  And an upgrade to a small traveling laptop as well! 

My next attempt at the Thames path will be in late April when I am back from Turkey and Europe....and it involves Hampton Court!  Yes I will be walking right by it - and being as I haven't been there in a while it means a visit of course!  Hope you'll come along!  

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