Friday, April 24, 2015

Back in the UK

I'm back in the UK! You don't know how lucky you are (girl), back in the UK, back in the UK....can you tell I am happy?  My spirits lifted the second the plane landed....  I am here in the UK until I start heading home on June 4th...with the exception of five nights in Dublin next week...I have a "to do" list a mile long. 

Spring has sprung here...and I am loving it.  Today I stalked the "Shaun the Sheep" sculptures around London.  It is a popular cartoon character here and these sculptures will be auctioned off to raise money for children's hospitals.  I am pursuing this critter with the same enthusiasm I chased Paddington back in December.  I guess I am just a big kid at heart. 

Lots of plans for the next few days if the weather isn't too dire.  Rain is predicted for the weekend but I am hoping it's just showers as I want to head out on the Thames path again tomorrow and on Sunday view the London marathon's participants and cheer them on.  Then that afternoon I have a reservation to go up to the sky garden in the Walkie Talkie's free but you must book ahead and they only open bookings up a few weeks ahead.  I found out there are direct trains to Bletchley where Nazi codes were broken during the war.  I have been wanting to visit so I think a trip there will be on the agenda as well.  Busy, busy!

I am way behind with blogging so I hope to catch up on that as well...I did not have internet access at my friend's place in Germany and I only had time to do one blog post in lots more stories to tell! 

In the meantime....St James Park was lovely today... 


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