Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goodbye Turkey...hello Austria

Today was a day of moving on to another country....I bade farewell to Turkey and the rest of the adventurers on my tour.  We had such a good time together...such a different crew from the last group I traveled with in Cambodia....did not care if I ever saw them again but this bunch were a totally different story - insert lump in the throat when it was time to say goodbye....ah well you never know what the future might bring.  Kiymet our tour leader was great and we had a lot of laughs with her as well - she really went the extra mile for us.  Our tour was a great introduction to Turkey and boy did we get to know the local transit systems.  I guess that would be my only criticism of the tour - while I enjoyed the long distance bus rides (Turkish buses are fantastic and put North American ones to shame - next time I get on a bus I will be wondering when they are going to bring me tea/coffee and snacks) I thought having to use local public transit was a bit of a pain and wasted so much time.  Ah well...

When we arrived back in Istanbul yesterday I headed out right away to Gulhane park as the tulips were starting to come out in full force.   Tulips originated in Turkey - bet you didn't know that? 

Last night minus our fearless leader who had gone home and one of our group who was heading back to Australia we went out for dinner where I had the delicious Manti one last time....Turkish ravioli filled with meat in a wonderful spiced yogurt sauce...yum! 

This morning after breakfast I got a transfer to the airport with two of our tour group and silly me did not put on the seat belt.  Well I didn't see the seat belt is my excuse and I will stick to it - usually I always wear a seat belt but what can I say.... The driver had to slam on the brakes to avoid rear ending another car and guess who went hurtling through the air...yep.  I landed on the floor of the van none the worse for wear.  And while sitting on the floor I saw my seat belt - I had been sitting on it.  So yes folks I put it on - always remember to wear your seatbelts.  Or you too could take an unscheduled flight. 

The Turkish airlines flight was good with amazing food once again - a choice of pasta or grilled chicken so I opted for the chicken.  You know it's going to be good when you see this...

Wine and beer is complimentary and of course how could I say no to free wine....this was just a two hour flight yet we got served a complimentary hot meal....it was excellent with buttery mashed potatoes and a wonderful greek salad and chocolate dessert...not your average airline meal.  Turkish airlines, you rock!  I doubt I will ever use them again as while I loved Turkey I have no plans to return - but never say never. 

My flight was on time into Vienna and on the way out I visited the tourist information and asked the gal there to show me on a more detailed map how to get to my guest house.  My map did not show all the streets and while I had instructions from the guest house I like to look at a map while walking.  So she did that and it was smooth sailing..or should I say walking and I found it no problem.  I am close to shopping and restaurants so it's very handy yet it's on a quiet street - I haven't heard any outside noise at all.  WC outside the room and bath down the hall but a huge sink and vanity.  I can handle that as the room is large and spotless with a ton of storage space.  And the price is right.  When you are traveling for six months it's all about finding a deal. Being as I will be here six nights I have unpacked all my clothes and put them away.  And I have a table which is such a bonus and beats balancing my tablet on my knees in bed....as long as the wifi holds up I hope to catch up on my blog. 

Aside from a walk along the shopping street near me to get some Euros at the ATM as well as a couple of open faced sandwiches to bring back for supper (and a half price chocolate bunny rabbit may have come back with me as well) I have been relaxing in the room.  I am tired

After a hectic (but wonderful) 15 days of nonstop activity I am going to take my time exploring Vienna...I will see what I see.  No "rest days" so to speak but I will linger in coffee shops and on park benches (weather permitting).

That said, I am doing a self guided walk tomorrow  - I will go as far as it feels comfortable....have to start getting back into walking shape for getting back on the Thames path in a couple of weeks. 

So for now, Goodnight Vienna!

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