Friday, April 17, 2015

Oh Prague, you are a pretty one!

So now I'm in Prague!  I am just bouncing all over the place aren't I?   My friend Claudia and I took a bus, a train, a train and a bus from her home in northern Bavaria and arrived yesterday afternoon around 3:30.  We found our way to our hotel which is in a great location and has everything we need. Last night we had a snoop around this side of the river and a meal by the Vltava (try pronouncing that!) river.  I ordered veggies as I wanted them soooo badly....we then wandered back through the old town square. 

Today we set out for the Jewish quarter and then crossed to the other side of the river via the Charles bridge.  I am tired (and on my second glass of wine) so I will just post photos of our jaunt around town...let's just say we are both tired and sore!!!  It was a great day...lots more exploring to do and pictures to share. 

Thought this was a pretty neat statue; wonder what it means? 

View across the river towards Prague castle

Charles bridge - b/w as it was quite dreary out at this point - but barely anybody on the bridge. (yay!)

One of the statues on the bridge
Some of the buildings in Mala Strana - gorgeous!

Entrance to the Charles bridge from Mala Strana

Now this is an interesting fountain!

Old mill at Kampa park

Boats on the river
Lunch - Traditional Czech goulash with bread dumplings - yes it looks like dog sick but it was really yummy

Delicious traditional pastries - freshly baked and Laurie approved!

Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square

Don't know who this dude is but he needed a ladder to get up there - Old Town Square

(Good King) Wenceslas Square
And that was our day!

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