Thursday, April 2, 2015

On a bus, a boat, a bus and a bus (and another bus)

Yes there has been a lot of traveling the time we have dinner I flop into bed as soon as I get back to the room.  Same with last night but am up at an ungodly hour due to a smoky room.  It didn't bother me when I went to bed but I woke up almost choking..I have the window wide open even if it is quite cold out there.  Ah, the fun of a budget traveler.  Actually the hotels on this tour have been quite nice but this one does leave a bit to be desired..don't stay at the Otel Deluxe in Konya....deluxe is not how I would describe it....

As mentioned above we are now in the city of Konya, home of the whirling dervish.  I shall probably visit the museum later this morning.  At noon today we are off on the bus to Goreme in the Cappadocia region but only a three hour bus journey.  Yesterday was a mammoth ten hour day to get here. 

So here's an update on the past few days...details and photos later on...probably when I get home to be honest....but that will keep me sane when I am back to a normal day to day life...ugh...dreading it loving this life on the road...

After Pamukkale we spent two lovely nights in the village of Kayakoy and visited the ghost village there....our accommodations were lovely except they had no heat!  The second night wasn't bad as it was warmer but oh that first night....three blankets later....we had some great home cooked meals there.  While half of our group hiked part of the famous Lycian Way three of us stayed in the village and walked around taking photos and stopping to drink wine...and generally had a lazy day...I was even known to be petting a scrawny ginger cat who hung around the property. 

Our accommodation - no the pool was not usable - too cold!

Ghost village of Kayakoy....more on that later...

Didn't you know they have emus in Turkey?  (not) That made us do a double take

A cow (for my friend Linda!) in a pastoral setting
I did enjoy the village and it gave me time to recharge my batteries. 

We then headed to the Mediterranean and the town of Kas.  (pronounced 'cash") Alas we arrived to a power that affected most of the country.  Did I mention that it was also raining heavily?  So we didn't get much done that afternoon as even when the rain stopped there was still no power and shops were open but dark.  I wandered around a bit but it kept raining on and off.  So I said sod it and had a nap.  That evening we visited a seafood restaurant where I had a delicious shrimp dinner...luckily the restaurant had a generator and yay the power came back on just after we were seated. 

Wet downtown square

Dogs everywhere - my kind of place

The next day dawned sunny and warm - perfect as we were going on a boat cruise! 

View of Kas as we drove to board our boat

Need I add it was a good day...more on that later as well...and that was the last few days!  Stay tuned!

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