Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stalking Shaun the Sheep - Part 1

I can hear it already..."she hasn't even told us about Europe yet and she's blogging about stalking a sheep"?  Yep, deal with it!!!  There are 50 sculptures of Shaun the Sheep, a popular cartoon character over here - they are all over London until the end of May. They will be auctioned off later this year to raise money for sick children in hospitals across the UK.   I only saw a quarter of them and the goal is at least half...

So here we go....the first one I saw was just inside the entrance to The Shard (tallest building in London)...named Rainbow....I will put their names and locations under the picture...enjoy!!! 

Up next was Globe trotter on the banks of the Thames near Tower Bridge....I felt a kinship with this one for some reason!!!  

And saw some more along the won't see the ones I thought were a bit boring!


To Sheep Perchance to Dream - outside the Globe theatre

side view...

side view...

Br-ewe-nei at the Tate Modern, Bankside

Out of this world - City of London info centre

another view

Chelsea Pen-shaun-er - outside St Pauls Cathedral

A capital view - Festival gardens, St Paul's

Fine and Candy - at One New Change shopping centre

Hamish at Paternoster Square

Literary Lamb at Temple Bar

Another One Rides the Bus - Covent Garden

side view

Candy Baa...Covent Garden

Nelson - roundabout at Trafalgar Square
And those are the highlights so was difficult getting good photos and they tend to have people in them as loads of tourists out yesterday and I tended to take several to catch all sides...hope you enjoyed them and didn't fall asleep...from counting sheep of course! 

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