Monday, April 27, 2015

Talk to the will make you feel much better!

After our whirlwind (but wonderful) tour of Turkey I landed in Vienna.  I did not realize how tired I was until I started wandering around did not impress me, I found the people unfriendly after the warmth of the Turkish people.  I am not usually judgmental like that so I knew something was up...yep, I was exhausted.  Now that I am back in London I am back to normal (well as normal as I get!) but I do think (for future reference you see...) that perhaps four months is the ideal length of time to be away for a longer getaway if I am busy touring.  I did not feel homesick at all - just fed up with seeing something new. Call it information overload.  In retrospect I should have flown back to London but I had wanted to visit Vienna and Prague and thought it made sense to see them right after Turkey rather than back to London and then back to the continent again.  I knew May would be a very busy month for me here in England.  Anyway what's done is done...let's just say now the dust has cleared that perhaps another visit to Vienna and Prague is in the cards for me down the road....I never judge a place by one visit normally.  I hated Paris in 1976 but again I was at the end of a tour and exhausted...I decided to go back and quite liked it and have been back since....

Anyway Vienna redeemed itself with its beautiful zoo and my wonderful friend Lisa and her lovely husband Heinz. 

After a day off of sightseeing...just resting and going to the Nasch market (which was wonderful) I decided I needed to put a smile back on my face and animals always do that so off I went....

The zoo is behind Schonbrunn palace so I wandered through there (I did not go in as I  saw the long line and decided "no way") which was lovely.

So here we go on a visit to the zoo. I am very picky about which zoos I's the oldest zoo in Europe but seems to be well run.  And you have to love a place that has koalas and pandas all the time so you don't have to line up for a million years to see them.  So here they are - my favourite critters in the zoo...not a huge variety but my faves. Not my best zoo photos either as didn't bring my decent zoom lens but they will do. 

White Rhino - Nepal

Terrible photo through glass but love the monkey grooming the deer (well okay looking for good stuff to eat in the deer's coat)

The baby lemurs were hilarious jumping all over the place. 

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Lisa Natterer said...

I still feel so sorry, I was not able to take care of you, as intended but am happy, we could - at least - show you a bit of our town and the surroundings and we even had quite nice weather. I am sure, your stay would have been different, if I were not in hospital but able to show you the secrets of town and introduce you to VERY friendly people. You have to come again!

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