Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Parkland walk

Well today I did something else on "the list".  A few months ago while still at home I read about the Parkland Walk which is a rails to trails path in North London. I thought it sounded like something I would enjoy walking. It was a logical day to do the walk - a warm day and the start point was a few stops on the same tube line as my airbnb place.

I had taken along a copy of a club walk that started in the same on a last minute whim I jumped off the train at an earlier tube stop.  I walked to Alexandra Palace.....not a royal palace but a "people's palace".  It was built in 1873 as an education, recreation and entertainment centre and nicknamed "Ally Pally".  In 1936 the BBC broadcast its first high definition signal from here.  The palace is still used for exhibitions, music concerts and conferences. 

Alexandra Palace sits on one of the highest spots in London...

I then got onto the South part of the Parkland walk...I may or may not have stopped at this cafe....I've gone there other years and love it. 

Then into Highgate wood...

I got a bit misplaced in between sections of the Parkland walk....we'll just leave it at that okay?

Note the platforms on each side of the path...a former station...

Lots of graffiti but this was my favourite

Finsbury park

I walked as far as Finsbury Park - probably about five miles or so.  Such an enjoyable walk and what a beautiful day.  There were lots of people out on the trail enjoying the day which is why I chose the weekend - always like to have people around when I do a walk a bit off the beaten path.

I then took a tube to Wood Green and saw the Spooks (MI-5) film - very enjoyable.  Then back here to enjoy one of my last Marks and Spencers ready the end of the week I move to a hotel and then a bed and breakfast so no kitchen to do my own I should say nuking...:)

Lots of plans for this week!! 

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