Saturday, May 2, 2015

A stroll around Dublin (south of the Liffey) in the sunshine

I point out sunshine in the title of this blog post as it's been raining cats and dogs all day long.  At about 4 p.m. I decided to come back here as I'd had enough.   The heater went on and I crawled into bed to warm up.  I'm on my second cup of tea but am now warm enough to leave my cozy bed! It looks like the rain has stopped now but apparently rain is forecast until sometime tomorrow afternoon.  We shall see.  However I had two sunny days in Dublin so I won't complain (too much). 

I headed into town yesterday on the DART - I bought a three day pass having happy thoughts of buzzing up and down on the line and stopping at the little seaside towns along the way...hummph...the ticket machine ate that pass this morning...I think I put it in when I shouldn't have and after it happened I realized a barrier was open and I could have gone through there (this was at the end of the journey),...ah the time I wanted to kick the damn barrier but figured breaking my foot wasn't going to solve anything. 

I headed from Connelly station over to the River first stop was at the handsome Customs House...

From there I visited the Famine memorial on the North banks of the Liffey...very poignant...the Potato famine occurred from 1845 to 1849.  At that time lots of immigration to North America occurred.

I missed some of the words as I was standing at a weird angle trying not to get my shadow in the photo!
I then went to Trinity College to view the famous Book of Kells which was created in the 8th century AD.  There was an exhibition detailing how it was created - well as much as they know and then we were able to view two pages of it.  I  found it interesting and absolutely beautiful.  No photos were allowed needless to say...I then was able to walk through the Old Library which was absolutely outstanding.

All those books!  Though I don't think I'd find any my beloved murder mysteries in that lot do you?
 Due to the help of a fine fellow named Liam (who took me right there) I was able to locate the famous statue of Molly Malone...she had been moved due to current construction.  Thanks Liam!

In Dublin fair city where girls are so pretty....well I am sure you know the song!
I then did a bit of retail therapy....I do love Celtic stuff..and sheep...I think I need to join a twelve step program for my coaster obsession...there were a couple of gifts in there but I finally bought something nice for ME.  (a sterling silver necklace with a celtic design)

Then it was on to St Stephens Green....a lovely park in the middle of the city.

By now I was dying for a cuppa so on the way to find a cafe I took some photos of the colourful doors...

At this point I decided to head out to Howth but that's another post.  I hope you enjoyed coming along with me...what a fabulous day it was!

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