Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear Blog: it's been over a week since my last post

Well it's been a very busy week and I haven't had a chance to sit down and do any writing.  Time is flying by and only ten more sleeps until I leave London...sob!  I must say part of me is happy to be going home but the other part is yelling Noooooooooo!!!     Watch this space for me bitching about wanting to be on the road in another six weeks or so.....I know I will be back here in London again before too long but I've gotten used to hanging around in this wonderful city.  Having months and months of new discovery every day has been wonderful and I know once I get settled at home I will be a bit depressed...which is why I still intend to blog and yak in detail about some of the fantastic places I have seen to keep this beautiful trip alive for a while longer.

So what have I been up to?  I saw Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday May 20th.  Fantastic!  I am so happy I wenjt. 

The next day...May 21st I visited Hever Castle with Janette (a friend of a friend) and we had a wonderful time together.   What a lovely place to visit....pretty pretty, pretty! More details to come later. 

May 22nd I moved to Stratford to share a room with my friend Pat.  We are still here for a couple more days.  It is nice to be a hotel I must admit.  While I love staying in people's homes (future post on that) it is a treat to be able to slob around in a hotel room and take a shower twice a day if I feel like it. 

After Pat arrived we headed off to Greenwich and walked a bit along the river as she wanted to see the statue of Peter the Great in Deptford and the general area...having a traditional pie and mash with liquer sauce (parsley sauce, not booze!) was on "the list"so we stopped at this cafe and had this....

The next day I did a walk from Bermondsey to Victoria station...some of it in the rain...I am trying to do a few Volkssport walks before I leave London.....the first part was good but the last part walking through the Lambeth area was pretty grim...I have done this walk before but not for years.  Now I remember why...I'll be blogging more about that as well...(and yes I managed to see one Shaun the Sheep that was eluding me...)

The trail went by Borough market so I had to visit of course....picked up some tea and got a pound of these lovely babies.

And then in the evening I did this....

Let's just say I got into my happy place. 

Repeat the above last night....:).

Today I did the other half of the walk I did two days ago...Canada Water to Bermondsey...I got a bit misplaced at first but that's okay...

Stopped here and had a cold drink and a bag of crisps and a lovely chat with a nice young man from Australia - this pub is the approximate location where the pilgrims left for America on the Mayflower. 

This is on the way from the tube station to our hotel
So this is a summary of the last's been a good one!!! 

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