Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Goodbye London....

I am at an internet cafe madly typing this up.  Just checked in online for my flight to Reykjavik tomorrow hard to believe I am leaving part of me is ready and the other part (the one who was in Marks and Spencers this afternoon crying "but I didn't get to taste all the things!") isn't at all.  But deep down I know it's time.

So much to tell you about but the situation hasn't been ideal for doing blog posts..wifi that is a bit wonky and nowhere to type in the room I am currently staying in (more about that later!) or else too darn busy.   Liverpool was a blast and I've been keeping busy here in London - on Monday I spent the day in Brighton with a friend.

I will try to blog in Iceland but depends on the situation - my understanding is the room is small so not sure if there will be a desk or not.  Likely not.  I will be there four nights - I have two day trips booked for this weekend and I am hoping to go out on a puffin watching expedition if time permits.  Unlike December when there was barely any daylight - now it will be almost 24 hours!

Today I wandered around seeing my favourite places...Borough Market where I had a last English fry up...then I walked along my old friend the Thames and over to St Pauls, then a bus over to St James Park where I sat and watched the waterfowl and their babies.  Then I got a hair cut... and that trip to M & S....where I resisted buying much at all... after this I will treat myself to a nice meal and a glass of wine.  Then it's back to the B and B to pack will be fun as my main suitcase is in the living room and my other suitcase (yep...I've got two now..) is in the room with me....

Think of me tomorrow taking the bus and tube and train out to Gatwick airport and then into big suitcase, one carry on size, one day pack and one small purse.  Oh goodie.  Where did all that crap come from?  Beats me! :)

Anyway this blog will be busier than ever when I get back...of course some people will be bent out of shape about that if they view it as a "diary" but to me this blog is all about encouraging others to take the plunge and get out there and travel. And a momento for me as well... So many things to tell you about...I haven't even started on Turkey or Prague...

Stay tuned!

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