Sunday, June 7, 2015

Winding 'er down

Tomorrow I head back to Canada...hard to believe.  I am excited to be going home - how weird it will be to speak like everyone else and not be the person with the accent.  Or the foreigner.......I will miss it I am sure but for now it is almost a relief.  Yet you know me...before too long I will be moaning about how I miss London (and I do..already......) and being on the road...which I will.  In my ideal life I'd go home for a month and reconnect with friends, kiss my computer, write lots of blog posts, relax on my balcony with all the books I put on hold at my local library that I saw in Waterstones (and there are lots)  and oh yes have a wonderfully huge amount of money somehow fall into my bank account - and then off I'd go again for a few more months!!!  I guess I am a true nomad!

Yesterday I had an absolutely amazing trip to the Snaefellsnes peninsula....what a beautiful day.  I need to do this blog at home as I want to tell you details and share my wow wow...

There was even a marriage proposal on the trip!!! 

Today it's an express trip to the Golden Circle, a quick last look around the shops and then dinner here with my host Henry.

This will be my last blog post until I get home.  The next few days will see me spending time with my sister and niece in Ontario.  I will base myself in Hamilton for three nights and we will cram what we can into those days.   Looking forward to it.

Then home sweet home on own bed, getting up to make my own coffee (once I get some that is - I gave it all away....ah well an excuse to buy some excellent Icelandic beans at the airport tomorrow) and sitting at my own desk top computer, sitting on my balcony with a book and my friends....oh my excited to see everyone and hear their news. 

I will be busy reliving my trip with editing the thousands (and thousands!) of photos I've taken.   This will help keep the trip alive for months to come I hope and the stories will continue.  After all I haven't said anything about my turkish bath experience yet have I? 

Lots of stories to come when I can sit and relax and really tell a good tale...not madly be typing on my tablet thinking "I must update my blog". 

Stay tuned - as the saying goes "you ain't seen nothin' yet"! 

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