Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stalking Shaun the Sheep - the final episode

Yes one more Shaun the Sheep post...I have put a few sheep sculpture in other posts so excuse me if I repost the same ones...these are my favourites in no particular order.....Shaun the Sheep was on the streets of London from the 28th of March and extended until the 31st of May.  Out of 50 sculptures I saw 48 - not bad, eh?  For those keeping track.... for the life of me I could not find the one at the London Eye and I am sure it was a cutie being called "Ewe-nion Jack" and the one called Flash! at St Martin's Courtyard eluded me as well.  It wasn't for lack of trying!  I must admit it was great fun and I got to see places in London I'd never seen, hadn't seen in a while or just a good excuse to visit my favourite area of London. (which I must confess is the St James Park/Trafalgar Square area)  I will admit while I didn't physically beat kids off the sculpture (although it was tempting) I had been known to race them to it - and I usually won.  It was fun to meet other people who were Shaun stalkers as well.  I even paid to have the app on my phone as it was for a good cause.  Even though I could never figure out exactly how it worked....

I think some of these sculptures should have been called Shauna though...although maybe Shaun is a cross dresser....who knows?  

There are 120 Sculptures in total with 70 of them being in Bristol...wow I didn't realize Bristol was that big!  An auction will take place on 8th of October of this year and the Wallace and Gromit's Children's charity will benefit.  I am sure some of the Shauns will still be hanging outside of a few shops and restaurants in the future...here's hoping so even more people can enjoy them.

Robo-Shaun at the Royal Exchange

Shanghai Shaun - Leadenhall Market

Kanzashi - Lloyds building.  A group of photographers had thrown their bags at the base (tossers!) - they were photographing the Lloyd building...I think...

Ruffles - Devonshire Square.  This dude was a hard one to find....

Cute butt

The Pearly King - Liverpool Street station

Mr. Shaun - Finsbury Avenue Square

Mr Men!

Liberty Bell - Fenchurch Street station 

Shaun-xiao - Tower of London

Yeoman of the Baaard - Tower of London

Counting Sheep - the Barbican Centre

The Guardian - Guildhall

Pinky Plum - Somerset House

Frida Baa-hio - British Film Institute

Hello Kitty's One Kind Thing - Canary Wharf....this one was a bitch to find. 

Golden Fleece - Canary Wharf

Happy and Glorious - St James Park 
Mossy Bottom - Leicester Square

Mossy Bottom's ear

Wooly Jumbo - Leicester Square

Jingtai - China Town

Gruffalo Shaun - Piccadilly Circus

Sheep - and a mouse!

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - Harrods   Try getting a clear shot of  this one

Baa-burshka - Carnaby Street

Rule Brittania - Broadwick Street

Me llamo Shaun - Spring Gardens, The Mall

Lambmark Larry - Platform 8, Paddington Station

Best looking bum I've seen in a while - Lambmark Larry

And last but certainly not least...Paddington Shaun!  Merchant Square, Paddington Basin

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