Friday, August 14, 2015

Food Glorious Food! - part 1

It's no secret that I love my food...and it shows!   I had some great meals on this last epic adventure of mine...I know this will be a two parter...or even a three parter....if you don't like food (you freak, you!) or you're an easily offended vegetarian then stop reading now but if you like food pictures keep scrolling as I think you will enjoy this!! To me one of the great pleasures of travel is trying meals you may not have at home....

So here we go....I am just going to pull these off at random...enjoy!  (and try not to drool on your keyboard -  liquid isn't good for computers you know! 
Portugese custard tarts (Pastel de Nata)  in Lisbon - I saw these babies everywhere and I had to have one every day.....oh about melt in your mouth.
Beef, dumplings and gravy in Germany - delicious but getting vegetables with a restaurant meal is almost unheard of in my experience.  And I do love my veggies! 
My favourite dish in Madeira - Espada (black scabber), a delicious local fish (that is ugly as hell)  with a banana and passion fruit sauce - oh my my my....veggies were served on the side in case you are wondering why such a small meal.....
Famous Whitby Scampi - enjoyed at a pub in Yorkshire with my English family

Delicious ice cream on my first day in Istanbul - I couldn't make up my mind so I had all three flavours.  Putting it together was quite the production. 
A delicious Cornish pasty in St Ives, Cornwall (plug for the St Ives bakery - they are traditional and so good). A delightful combo of beef, swede, onion and potato.  Served warm.  Pasties originated as a handy lunch for Cornish miners going down into the pit - something that contained meat and veg all in one  and could be held in their hand. 
I enjoyed this meal in Prague. Beef with gravy and Czech dumplings - very very nice. 
Icelandic donut...tasted like a cake donut...
You can't visit Vienna and not go to one of their famous coffee houses for a delicious piece of cake  - Sacher Torte at the famous Diglas coffee house near Mozarts's apartments (which I visited of course - love Mozart!)

Sometimes you just want an omelette and chips....London.  I loved visiting the local greasy spoon cafes for a fry up (cooked breakfast)  or this little bit of heaven. 

Irish stew in Dublin...because you have to don't you 
Turkish pizza (mushroom & cheese) OMG Turksih pizza...the seemed to be served differently every time I ordered it (which was a lot!)   Okay the keyboard is covered with drool...I want one and I want it NOW!!

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