Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Food glorious Food - part 2

Here we go again with another food post....more of the delicious food I enjoyed on my six month adventure earlier this year....

I had a splurge evening in Dublin and treated myself to lamb shank...it was yummy delicious.   And being a huge fan of root veggies I was in pure heaven...
 I opted for the set menu (because I'm a cheapskate) which came with an appetizer or dessert - well obviously I chose dessert. DUH.... Apple tart with ice cream and custard....

And another evening while in Dublin it was cod gouijons and chips to go in Howth from Beshoff Bros...nothing beats sitting by the sea eating fish and chips...even if it is cold and so windy I practically had to sit on my meal so it wouldn't fly away. 

The lobster soup at the Sea Baron cafe at Reykjavik harbour enjoyed on a cold dark December day.  The chunks of lobster are hiding but oh boy......definitely recommended if you ever visit that wonderfully quirky city.  I can't believe I didn't stop there for soup when I was there in June...stupid!! 

Lapas in Madeira...similar to mussels.   Our first evening in Madeira we walked down to the nearby fishing village of Camara de Lobos and had these along with other appetizers at a local bar. 

We also tried Sardine bruscetta.  Not bad...doubt I'd have it again but it's good to try different things.  My only experience of sardines was when I had to put a can of sardines into the feeding dish of Daisy, the Newfoundland dog I took care of way back when....not an easy thing to do at 6 am. (gag) 

The best meal I had in Prague...we stopped for a late lunch after visiting Prague castle and I ordered beef with cream and cranberries and Czech dumplings....it was one of those meals that you want to eat over again...I think Claudia was getting a little annoyed and embarassed with me moaning while I was eating!  I must confess I do miss having vegetables when I eat out in northern Europe...

I do love my meat pies - and veggies.  I believe this was a chicken and mushroom pie.  Hint:  lunch or dinner at the Cafe in the Crypt in St Martins in the Fields (opposite Trafalgar Square) is always a good idea.  Very reasonable fare for central London and it's home made and good. 

Another meat pie (and another chicken and mushroom I believe) at Goddards in Greenwich....the green sauce is liquer sauce which is basically a parsley sauce.  The first time I've had it and it was very nice. My friend had the lamb pie and said it was delish as well.  Definitely a return trip is in order next time I am over the pond - although I really want to try the pies at M Manze...minus the jellied eels and mushy peas of course.  These pie shops are very plain ordinary places but are reasonable and authentic.  The trouble is they are only open at lunch time. Pieminster also has good pies to take home or eat there - London locations are at Borough Market & Hays Wharf on the South Bank.  The lamb and mint is very tasty and there are veggie options as well.  Hey I should get a free pie next time I'm in town for this promotion. :)  If you're in England you have to try a meat pie and if you're a veggie well try a veggie pie!

Goulash in Vienna....just what the doctor ordered on a cold and drizzly day. 

A meal cooked in a traditional home in Cappadocia - some kind of leek strudel which was delicious, rice and beans.  We had soup as a starter.  It was all delicious.

Kebob in Bursa, Turkey - yes it may look disgusting but boy oh boy it sure didn't taste disgusting.   Yum! 

A loaf of the gorgeous Turkish bread - all hot and puffy and once you cut it...whoosh..down it goes but oh so tasty...

A last farewell to the Republic of Ireland....a huge Irish breakfast with black and white pudding on my last morning to tide me over on the three hour journey up to Belfast......I've had better....

A cream and jam filled scone with tea at the lovely cafe in the Titanic exhibition in Belfast. The little banner is the logo for the White Star Line which was the company that owned the Titanic.  If you are in Belfast a visit to this fantastic exhibition is a must!!   Every detail from the first "idea" to where the victims' bodies were buried is covered. 

Momos at Momo House in Wembley.  London has so many wonderful Indian & Asian restaurants....

A unique breakfast at Maria's in Borough Market - chips, mushrooms and bubble & squeak. (fried up left over vegetables)  Living in airbnb rentals meants I didn't have too many cooked breakfasts - muesli and yogurt was the usual start to my day but once in a while I had to go to a local greasy spoon cafe and have a "fryup". 

A margarita pizza at Franco Manca - at the original location in Brixton Market. (another tick off the bucket list) Franco Manca is a small London pizza chain.  Sourdough crust...oh my my...I am drooling just looking at this.  I also tried the Balham location while on this holiday and on a previous trip the Chiswick location.  All good..SO good! 

Scouse in Liverpool... thick beef stew.  The pickled beets on top are a popular addition.  This is why Liverpudlians are called Scousers...this thick stew was a staple in working class families.  I was lucky enough to have this prepared for me by my airbnb host Anne in Liverpool. 

I eat a lot of Skyr when I visit Iceland...for breakfast or as a dessert.  It is similar to yogurt but much creamier and delicious.  It has been a part of Icelandic culture for over 1,000 years.  Of course now there are many flavours with blueberry being one of the most popular but I am working my way through the selection! 

Fish, potatoes and onions in Lisbon...I am a bit squeamish with unfilleted fish but I gave it a try and hoped to hell I didn't choke on a bone and die.  After all I still had nearly five months to go on my big adventure.  It was delicious but just not worth the hassle of picking the bones out.

Okay this is NOT real food I know but oh man....the chocolate/licorice bars in Iceland are incredible.  Worth a stop off in Iceland for these alone...sigh...

And last but not least..Christmas dinner at St Martins in the Fields' Cafe in the Crypt.  Roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, mashed potato, turkey and chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon.  Could have lived without the sausages but oh well they are part of the English Christmas dinner.  This is served throughout the month of December. 

Hope you enjoy this post and remember to clean up your keyboard!!!! 

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