Friday, September 11, 2015

The dogs (and cats) of Kas

Even though our time there was much too short I loved the Mediterranean town of Kas (pronunced Kosh)Turkey.  It had such a laid back vibe to it, appeared to have wonderful outdoor cafes and restaurants and dogs...lots of dogs.  And we know how I love my doggies!!  I am not a big shopper but I did enjoy the shops in Kas and bought most of my Turkish gifts (and jewellery for me, me, me as well) there.

So let's have the dogs and cats of Kas show you around a bit...

Okay but first here's some food...dogs or pizza? Which one do I love most?  Well it's a toss up there. We arrived to heavy rain and a power outage that we found out later covered most of the country. Luckily some of the restaurants had generators so we were able to order some pizza.  This vegetarian pizza (known as pide) was ALL for me. 

The rain finally stopped so I wandered around peeking in shops and taking some photos.

This dog was a much loved pet - some were pets and some were strays.  

This dog had been spayed/neutered.  The dogs are tagged when this is done.  As you can see food was left out for the dogs to eat.  From what I could see in general stray dogs are well cared for in Turkey.  Another reason to love the place.

The statue in the main square of Kas commemorates  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881 - 1938), a revolutionary, army office and the he first President of Turkey.  He is credited with being the founder of the Republic of Turkey.  He has a very nice view of the harbour! (and the dogs like hanging out with him as well)

The picture below is of the restaurant we went to that evening called Friendly's - very unique (how can you not love a restaurant that has books?)  and the Shrimp Scampi I ordered was great!

The pictures are of President Ataturk...

Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo....the next morning dawned sunny and warm which was perfect as we were off for our day cruise .  Before we left me and my camera wandered around town a bit..

Here's a front view of the statue with a dog curled up beside it.

The cats get fed as well.  Okay I've run out of cat and dog picture and being as a dog wasn't willing to pose on the rocks for me here are some shots of the sea front and harbour at Kas.

I doubt if my travels will ever take me back to Kas but if I ever do return to Turkey I will certainly try to revisit and stay a few days for some R and R.  

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Marianne Barkman said...

Very nice photos ! Lot of loose animals for sure , they must be quite street wise !

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