Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vienna's Naschmarkt

If you've been reading this blog you know I hit a "wall" when I arrived in Vienna.  I spent one day wandering around Vienna on a cold dull day and to be honest I didn't have a bad day.  Vienna didn't "grab" me like I thought it would but I did manage to see and do quite a bit. and what I saw I did enjoy.  However I woke up the next day feeling very tired and depressed.  Travel weariness had hit and sadly it stayed for a while.  So I decided to have a rest day.  I went down for a wonderful buffet breakfast and okay I must confess did snack on the half price Easter chocolate easter bunny (okay I got two I confess...what is it about Easter bunnies that makes them taste so much better than plain old chocolate bars?)  I had purchased the previous day....(is there anything more exciting to a chocoholic than half price chocolate and especially European half price chocolate!)

I then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon on social media, reading about what to see in Vienna, skyping my bestie Linda and working on my blog...I just needed a quiet day.  However staying in all day was not an option...I had to eat and I did not want to wallow too much in my depression so what could I do?  I love markets, I adore I checked to see if I could go to a market for some photo opportunities and to pick up some unique food.  I noticed the Nascht market was within walking distance of me so mid afternoon I ventured out.    Here's a photo blog of my trip there. 

I spent way too much on dried fruit at this stall and it ended up to be very well traveled fruit going to Germany and then on to Prague...

 This market has been around since the 16th century..

 Because it's Austria right...must have dirndls!  If I'd had a little girl to buy for she would have been stuck with one of these - they are so cute!
 Olives are my least favourite thing in the world (besides snakes and rap) so I can't believe these olives managed to sneak into my pictures of lovely spices.

 Lots of dried fruit vendors!

 I ended up buying a few cherry tomatoes stuffed with cheese - they were pretty good.

I resisted buying tea - so proud of myself as I do love my tea.  The tea pots were adorable and very tempting but just not practical for long term traveling! (how many tea pots does one person need?  Well four at last count....)

Cheese, some cheese as well.  I love cheese!!

 Not sure what this was and I don't think I want to know...
 I don't want to know.....

The market had cafes and restaurants as well which I resisted as I was in the mood to "graze" on snacky things back in the room.   I left clutching my dried fruit, cheese filled tomatoes, a bit of cheese, fresh fruit and there may have been a krapfen (Austrian donut) in there as well.... I had a nice little feast that evening.   If like me you love markets then I recommend visiting the Naschmarkt when you visit Vienna.

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