Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Big changes coming up soon!

Yes big changes in the wind...in mid March I will quit the working world and start the new journey that is called "retirement". To me it is just a new phase in my life.  After thirty years of full time work (that has given me a nice pension thank you very much) and thirteen years of casual/part-time work it is time it's time to pull the plug and be free.  What do I plan to do?  Well travel of course but let's be realistic...I can't travel all the time.  I do plan to do more local pet sitting for extra cash, volunteer when I am around, spend more time at the Y (I'll get back to you on that...), go for more walks around the lake, write more...the list goes on and on...and who knows I may not be saying goodbye to paid work forever...I still have fantasies of working in a book shop someday...That's the wonderful thing about life - we never know what's coming up next.

First however.....you know it had to be travel and I am continuing the grand tradition of heading out the day after I finish work..(9 months and six days since I landed back here after my epic adventure) and of course it involves going back to my favourite place in the world...and I think we know what that is...

Is this a big enough hint?

Or how about this?

Yep, good old London town.  "Not again" I can hear you say.  Well you see that's the beauty of solo travel...I can go where I damn well please.  (blog post on that coming up!)

I head off in the early Spring (or very late winter...I like to think of it that way...) and will be gone just over two months...or if you want to be precise nine and a half weeks.   No I won't be in London the entire time - in fact it could be as short a time period as less than three weeks.  The rest of the time for now is an open book..I am trying...I say trying..to leave the planning until the cold days of January and February...anything to keep me reasonably sane through a cold Saskatchewan winter (I keep hoping this is the last one...).

Greece, Slovenia, Macedonia, Scotland, Northumberland, Cotswolds, Jersey  ,...well all these places and others are rolling around in my head but I can't do them all...who knows where I will end up?  I sure don't!

As if that's not enough it turns into two back to back trips as I will then be headed to the west coast for a walking conference two days after I get back.  I am on the Board of Directors of a walking club and have to be there...however my time is up and I will be retiring from that as well!  Nothing booked yet but I hope to stay out there about ten days unless there is a reason for me to stay longer...

After that?  Who knows?  All I know is 2016 is going to be another awesome one!!!   Oh and if you know anybody in the UK who needs a petsitter over Easter or a petsitter in British Columbia in June let me know!!

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