Thursday, March 31, 2016

Goodbye Ljubljana, hello London

Well I'm back in London again - for ten days this time.  Lots of plans so yesterday was a kind of rest day if you can call shopping a rest.  I headed over to Wandsworth (not "the dodgy end" - fans of "Love Actually" will get that) to the shopping centre there.  Hit up the pound shop - I love that store.  So much better than our dollar stores in Canada -  better quality products although you are paying double the price of course.  But you get name brands whereas at the dollar stores it tends to be brands that aren't as well known.  Also visited Waterstones where I could not resist a new book...bookstores are like crack to me - wonderful but very hard to resist buying anything. 

Then the bus to Putney Bridge where I took a few photos....

I walked along here last year when I was doing the Thames Path...

Monday in Ljubljana was a "rest day" as it was a dull dreary day with rain on and off.   Eva and I had a long chat over a cuppa and she recommended a nearby Italian restaurant.  So I went there for a delicious meal of prawn and mushrooms with pasta.  And a glass of white...after all I had to have a good send off from Slovenia! 

The next morning I walked into town for one last look at the Old Town.  

Then it was time to head back to the flat and finish getting packed up and head out.  I was told there was a bus every hour from the bus station so off I went - just a ten minute walk away.  This is embarrassing to admit as an experienced traveler but somehow I must have watched the 1:10 airport bus load up and pull away.  However I wasn't the only one - there was a young fellow standing with me and we were both were looking for the bus.  Anyway luckily we both had allowed lots of time for our 4:30 flight and even taking the next bus an hour later got us to Ljubljana's small airport in lots of time.  In time to eat cake!!!  Of course I had to try another special Slovenian cake.  Meet Prekmurska Gibanica cake!  Full of walnuts, cottage cheese, poppy seeds and apples.  Yum!! 

The flight back was good and I was soon at Claudia's in Streatham, South London.  More London adventures to come!! 

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