Saturday, April 2, 2016

A market, a river stroll and a visit to a book shop or two

Yesterday I was sore!  The walk along the Thames had worn me out and I am still recuperating.  I think if a snail and I had a race yesterday the snail would have won.  Of course that didn't stop me from walking - after all you can't really do much BUT walk here. I just took it as easy as I could sitting down whenever I saw an empty bench. 

I crawled onto a train heading to London Bridge as it was the first one along...hmmm...Borough Market is right across the street...for once I did not buy anything.  No worries...I will be back....

Then I walked along the river....

St Paul's Cathedral

Bubbles galore!!

Sand sculptures on "Thames beach"

Then I walked over Waterloo bridge to Covent Garden...a very crowded Covent Garden...midterm break is everywhere!!!

Love tube station managers with a sense of humour and fun. 

St Martins in the Fields - my favourite church.  I like it becaused they are heavily involved in helping the unfortunate and homeless which to me is what churches should do.

A quick walk ...okay not quick...a slow stagger past Trafalgar Square - but I didn't stop. It was heaving with people.   I was on a quest to get a Berlitz guide to joy at Stamfords but found one at the huge (five floors!) Waterstones at Piccadilly Circus...

I then took a bus to Baker St. and walked over to the beautiful Daunt books on Marylebone High St.

I then met my friend Irene for a meal at Pizza Express....and that was my day yesterday!!! 

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