Sunday, April 10, 2016

(Almost) Gaga over Gozo

Yep, I admit it.  I do like it here a lot.  Not to say I would want to live here or even come back but it is very nice.  I am at an age where a repeat visit is only for very very special places. (yes, we know London is such a place but I do visit other places when I am there as well - it's my "stop off" point - never mind that I deliberately go to places where I can stop off in London!)

Colin has taken the screen off my sliding door - yay.  I didn't say a word but he asked and yes I confessed that it rattled all night long.  I got very little sleep last night.  The wind is still crazy here and it comes in off the ocean and bang.... hits the back of the house (which is where I am)  with a vengeance. Even two melatonin and ear plugs didn't help much.  I'm hoping for a better sleep tonight. 

After a breakfast of toast, fruit salad and coffee (and lots of it) I was off.  Colin was kind enough to drive me down the road to Marsalforn where I caught a bus almost immediately to Victoria.  I switched there and got the bus to Dwejra.  Gozo is so small that it doesn't take long to get anywhere.

First I walked down to see the Inland Sea which is a crater filled with seawater - you can take a boat through the inlet to view the Azure Window however due to the high winds it was not possible today. 

Behold the Azure Window - it's really something isn't it? 

Here's me getting blown about...well let me tell you that is the closest I wanted to get to the times like this I am glad I have plenty of meat on my old bones!!  Those people on the arch are total nut cases but they did look cool in my photos.  My glasses and face were covered with sea spray after viewing this but oh boy was it worth it.  I'd love to see it on a calm day but I must admit I loved all the crashy waves.  You can have your calm beach (on second thought no, I'll take that tool), I do love a frothy ocean crashing on rocks. 

The bus service was every hour which was perfect as that's all I needed there - I got back on with the same people I came with. 

Then it was back to Victoria/Rabat which is the hub for the transportation (except for the bus that goes by my B and B which bypasses Victoria and goes to the ferry...of course...).  It turns out my bus turned into the one I wanted to take to Xlendi. (pronounced Shlen-dee).  This was a pleasant village - described as such with "fishing boats bobbing on the calm water" not today...

I love the old fashioned lamp post!

I sat on a bench for quite a while contemplating life and this was my view....

It was a nice walk - not strenuous and it got my appetite revved up for lunch.  I decided to eat at a traditional restaurant yet wasn't in the mood for anything too heavy.  So I ordered another ftira - they differ in sizes and I saw someone had ordered one and it was huge.  I even left the anchovies and olives on and lived to tell the story....

Tomatoes, onions, potatoes, olives, anchovies and of course pastry...think that was it.  It was tasty and different - not something I'd have every day and I likely won't have another one.  Needless to say I couldn't finish it.  Although Colin had told me about an excellent ice cream stand in Xlendi that made their of course I had to go there for dessert!  And that was my food for the day...once again no evening meal.  I'm just not hungry enough to go out and I find when I go to bed hungry I wake up feeling great.  Not that I am necessarily going to try that every evening mind you...
A cat in a plant pot taking a shit so there you was too perfect...I had to take it.  My next photo is of it hiding the evidence... There are quite a few stray cats around and I do feel for them I really do. 
I then got the bus back to Victoria and on to Marsalforn so that I could get the bus back here.  I decided today there would be no unnecessary walking except for the purpose of photographs and let me tell you I feel great.  Like total  night and day between last night and tonight.  I knew the town had a promenade but it blew me away (almost literally) and I had almost an hour and a half between buses so off I went....

It was a beautiful path but all too soon it was time for my bus to come.  I got off right near my bed and breakfast and felt so much better than I did last night.  I needed a day like this!!!
One more day to explore this beautiful island and then it's over to the main island for six nights.  I have pretty well seen everything I came here for but hope to visit Ramla Beach tomorrow as well as look around Victoria a bit more.  AND have a nice dinner with wine!  And I hope the &$%## wind will go back to Africa! 

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