Friday, April 29, 2016

Bluebells and Sheep in Sussex

As much as I love traveling alone it is nice to meet up with people I know now and again - it's kind of a relief to talk to someone other than myself. I am not totally a lone wolf!  My friend Claudia from Germany came over to England for a week to stay with her friends Janette and Martyn and I was invited to join them for a couple of days as well.   So on Sunday afternoon I took the train down to Sussex where I was greeted by all three. 

It was a super couple of days and we got around the countryside quite a bit.  One of the highlights was visiting Bateman's which was the writer Rudyard Kipling's home and is now a National Trust Property.  I enjoyed it so much and will be writing more about my visit and the life of this amazing man when I get home.  

His study - look at all those books.  And a globe!!!! Eeee!   I'm thinking Mr. Kipling and I would get along.  (and he bakes good cakes as well...ha ha!  Don't worry if you haven't been to England you won't get this....Mr Kipling is a brand of cakes sold in boxes in grocery stores - sort of like Little Debbie's in North America except much much better - which reminds me I still need to have a date with his mini fruit pies......)

I only had two requests for my stay in Sussex...bluebells and sheep!   My hosts delivered both!!!


Beautiful bluebells.  And I got to ride around in a Bluebell as well - Janette and Martyn's campervan is named Bluebell! 


Aren't they the most adorable things?   (yum!)

The next day we went to Eastbourne - a pretty town that is one of my favourites.

After lunch we headed over to Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters - I never get tired of looking at these beauties.   I've walked over these twice - October of 1997 on my own and September of 2013 with Claudia.  I am so glad I've done it but  no plans to do it again!

And more sheep!!!! 

A pastoral scene with a bit of drama - it was raining on and off for that "broody look".

It was a lovely relaxing couple of days with Claudia, Janette and Martyn - great conversation, lovely tea and biscuits that just kept coming  (thanks Martyn!), wonderful hospitality and a new author to  binge read. (Susan Branch).  Just what I needed!

Thank you Janette and Martyn - it was wonderful!

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