Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A bit of a catch up...again.

Well here I am again...I'm back in London now.  The past week has been pretty busy and by the time I got back to my room I was too darn tired to do much.  My journal is behind as well - I was able to update some while waiting for the washing machine to do its thing at the launderette this morning but I still need to update and do some sketching.  It is overwhelming to try and upload photos, keep a journal going, do some trip research AND blog. 

I will have to update more when I get home and detail the places I visited.  So here's a recap of a couple of the days. (eek!).

Thursday I took the ferry back over to Valletta and walked over to the other side and visited the Lower Barrakka Gardens. 

The view from the Lower Barrakka Gardens

Lower Barrakka Gardens

I then walked along the road ringing the seaside until I found the ferry that would take me over to the Three Cities which consist of Vittoriosa ( previously known as Birgu and still called that by a lot of locals...), Cospicua and Senglea.  I spent my time in Vittoriosa as it was so lovely.   As the ferry pulled into the small harbour I gasped as it was just so beautiful.  No photos as I was too busy enjoying the scenery. 

Statue on the water front

I made my way to the Inquisitors Palace - home of the staff sent by Rome with their main duty to investigate any acts of heresy such as daring to belong to any religion but the Catholic church.  Please don't even get me started...and please don't ask me why I went. I'm still asking myself that question but I wanted to see the building.  Of course the inquisitors and their lackeys lived in luxury while the accused lived in prison cells below.  As no one was around to take my picture I took selfies of myself making faces in one of the cells because that's where I would have been.  And that's all I will say about that.

I then walked around the city which was absolutely beautiful - a smaller Valletta without the tourists.

All this walking had made me hungry so I decided not to be stupid like yesterday and have a good lunch....meet Bragjoli known as Beef olives.  But no olives are actually in it...(I made sure of that!) - thin beef fillets stuffed with ground beef, onions, herbs and tomato sauce - with lovely veggies and roast potatoes on the side.  Oh my!!  But I am afraid it defeated me and almost half was left on the plate. 

Then I was off walking again...along the city wall this time with gorgeous views...loved it!! 

Then it was time to head back on the ferry to Valletta.  I took the lift up to the Upper Barrakka Gardens and had another peek at the view...

This is the wall I walked on!  Where the boats are used to be docklands but is now a very prestigious marina...some of those yachts were unbelievable. 


 I then got the ferry back to Sliema and my airbnb.  I stayed in Alexander's flat and had a large bedroom.  Alexander prepared my breakfast every morning - it ranged from beautifully done sandwiches to waffles with fruit.  It was always waiting for me in the fridge as he had gone to work by then. And unlimited access to his nespresso!  He was a fanatical hiker and traveler so we had some great conservations about that. 

This was my breakfast the next morning...

Yes, carrots for breakfast!  And why not?

Friday I headed to the ancient cities of Mdina and Rabat on a local bus.  Mdina ("walled city") was known in Roman times as Melita and in the 9th century it was turned into a fortified citadel.  It was the capital of Malta until the Knights of St John arrived in 1530 and made their headquarters on the Grand Harbour. (Valletta).

 The Cathedral of St Paul

 Old Seminary which dates from 1729...now a museum

Typical street...

My knees took one look at the first step and said "ouch"...needless to say this staircase is not in use!
I then headed over to Rabat and was excited to discover it was all decked out for St Joseph's day.

I then visited St Paul's catacombs (underground burial places)...creepy.  I could only go so far before my knees rebelled. 

Time to head back on the bus to Sliema.   

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