Monday, May 9, 2016

A long train journey to Sutherland

So here I am in Scotland...hopefully I can catch up a bit with my blogging but then again.... I am slowing down but not from choice.  I have a nasty cold so my energy is lagging to put it mildly.  I am looking out at the lovely evening and wishing I could go for a walk but there is no way.

It was a long trip up from Berwick yesterday with changing trains at Edinburgh and Inverness.  I found out today that the bus from Inverness would have gotten me here much quicker.  Oh well.  I took an earlier train so I could have a couple of hours in Edinburgh so left at 10 a.m. and got here after 8 p.m.  It will be even longer when I return to London at the weekend - a twelve hour trip! Here's a bit of what I got up to in two and a half hours in Edinburgh...

Of course I had to go and pay my respects to Greyfriars Bobby - that was a priority!

It was a misty day as you can see.  I had (another) quick trip to the Museum of Scotland - one day I will spend the time there it deserves!  This was taken from the top floor veranda.

I can't resist a bag piper!  And if they are playing "Scotland the Brave" I am a goner....

Then the train to Inverness where I sat opposite a friendly couple.   Then changed trains there for the final journey up here.  Some of the scenery along the way....

Loved these station murals at Dingwall.

I got misplaced getting to the Bed and Breakfast.  The instructions in the email said turn left outside the station exit and I took it literally and turned left out of the station (although there was no other way to go)  and ended up in town.   I knew from being in Golspie before that this was not right.  I flagged down a lady driving by and instead of directing me she drove me here.  Love the highlanders!  Like I've always said I can't find my way out of a paper bag sometimes.

 I have a large room with an ensuite toilet and shower.  And a view of the sea....not "oh look I can jump into it from my window" close like in Jersey but it's on the horizon.   The land lady did my laundry today which was so kind.  I had asked where the nearest launderette was (Dornoch) so I joked that me and my laundry would be going sightseeing together there.  It's reached the stage where my jacket (which I've had to wear all the time except in Malta) needs its own seat on buses and would have needed one on the plane home if I didn't wash it.  So all done.  Clean clothes; nothing better when you are on the road!

Had a fabulous day today - but that will be another post!!! 

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