Sunday, May 29, 2016

A (mostly) sunny walk around The Langleys

After yesterday's dreadful weather the sun made an appearance for most of the day today.  It was wonderful!

Our walk in Langley this morning was really nice - as always I opted for the 5 km walk.  I walked with Ethel who was the President of the CVF until yesterday - now she is a Past President and I am no longer on the Board of Directors.  Insert big smile.  I enjoyed it but I have had enough.  Anyway we chatted about travel and oh boy has she been around.  I loved hearing the tales of her adventures while traveling around SE Asia on her own for two months.  It gave me more ideas...just what I need...I spend most of my time with my head in the clouds dreaming of there is more to add to it!  

Here are some of the sights on our walk this morning...

After the walk I stamped books as I had done the day before. (once I dried off)   This was a much nicer walk than yesterday when it rained nonstop and I was soaked to the skin...let's just say our room looked like a Chinese laundry yesterday.  Of course who comes to British Columbia and doesn't bring an umbrella...yep, moi!  I thought my goretex would cut it - ha!

This afternoon I took a bus to Fort Langley which was the original capital of British Columbia.  My friend Eilleen had done a walk there and told me it was lovely so I decided to do a 5 km walk there. Very enjoyable when you walk along paths like this:

That take you to views like this...

Tea for tea and cake....stopped at the Red Velvet Cafe for well...Red Velvet cake!  Delish!

Time to head back to Langley and then on to Vancouver - one bus and one sky train later I am here.  Lots more adventures coming up!

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