Friday, May 6, 2016

Bridges and Bastions in Berwick

Well I am up with the birds today. Heck I think I am up before them - lazy sods!  Though the sea gulls are up!

I am behind once again.  Just too tired and it's back to balancing the tablet (well let's just call it in my laptop as it's a tablet with a keyboard)  on my knees trick.   The last few days have flown by.  I did write in my journal yesterday...I try to have it in my backpack for when the mood hits and it did a bit of writing while I was sitting by the river Tweed.    It was quiet with just the occasional train swooshing by above and the odd dog walker greeting me as they walked by.  Bliss!!!

Isn't this railway bridge something?  It's the Royal Border Bridge which was designed by architect Robert Stephenson and opened by Queen Victoria in 1850.   A fellow admiring it told me they built a wooden bridge for the trains to use during the three years it took to build as they were so desperate to get the trains across.  I read that trains were much lighter then but the bridge has held.  I've crossed over this bridge by train many times when I've traveled to and from Scotland but of course had never seen it. I thought the swan added a nice touch.  He kept looking back impatiently at his mate who was taking her time grazing on plants in the river.

I spent all of yesterday here in Berwick and walked the ramparts of the town.  This town has a bloody history as it was fought over by the English and Scots changing hands 13 times.  Queen Elizabeth's greatest expense during her reign was fortifying the town.  Here is what I saw on my walk along the ramparts.

I love the way they've put walking paths in and it was fairly busy with dog walkers.

Some bastion or another.  As you can see the wall is not walkable in places but alongside the path.  -

This house is called The Lions - for obvious reasons.  It was derelict for years but has now been restored.

Where the River Tweed meets the North Sea

I loved these old homes along the wall - the stories they could tell!

Gas Lamp with the Old Bridge in the foreground - there are three bridges here in Berwick and they are all in this picture.

After a brief stop for  lunch I then headed back to where I had left off on the river.

This is the Town Hall

View between the arches of the Old Bridge of the Royal Border Bridge with the Royal Tweed Bridge (or "New Bridge") peeking in as well.

Couldn't resist a shot of these dalmatians along the river path.  I was having a "bad knee" day so was sitting down a lot

Some of the ruins of Berwick Castle - it was founded by King David in the 12th century and was an important part of British history until "modern" ramparts in the 16th century rendered it obsolete.  It gradually declined and when the railway station was built in the 19th century most of it was demolished.

I sat here as well. - yes you could say it was rather a lazy afternoon! Though I did huff and puff getting up here.

There is still a brief part of the wall I haven't walked yet so will do that today when I get back from Alnwick.  Stay tuned!

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