Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rainy morning in Langley

Well a quick post on a rainy Saturday morning in Langley, British Columbia.  I am here for the Canadian Volkssport Federation AGM and convention,.  Yes that's why I had to come back from England...I am finishing my stint on the Board of Directors so had to be here.  Otherwise I'd still be in London trust me...I would have flown over late March and come back mid June so I could see the Trooping of the Colour. (still sits on the bucket list..) But let's not go there...

Langley is a town near Vancouver - well more like a suburb now as you never leave the urban sprawl.  I took a Sky train and then another sky train and then a bus to get here on Thursday morning. 

Since then I've been attending meetings and did manage to get a 5 km walk in yesterday.  I started out walking on Thursday evening but decided to try poles to see if it helped my knees. Well!   We pissed around taking photos, etc. and then started and our leader said "let's step it up" and was ahead of me and I knew...I said right then and there "nope this isn't for me".  I didn't realize the group was for poles only and originally thought it was for the slow pokes.  Anyway I handed back the poles and was in a bit of a strop and thought "right! I'm going for some wine"!  So I finally found my way to the Save On foods (just Safeway in another colour) and got myself a healthy spinach salad (my body said THANK YOU MAMA!), some fruit AND some local B.C. wine.  Went back to my room and had a glass...just a glass mind...Eilleen and I finished the bottle up last night after the meet and greet. 

I did enjoy the walk yesterday which I did on my own. It POURED in the morning but we watched it from the window of our meeting room and as you can see by the time I got out there the sun was shining. (on and off)  Here are a few photos from the flight here and the walk:

I loved the beautiful wooden sculptures in downtown Langley.

The instructions said turn right at the duck pond...this clued me in where it was pretty quickly.

I wish I could bottle the smell of the trees and take it home with me...

The Michaud House which is one of the original farm houses in the area.

This was my favourite.

So there is a group walk this the times....if it is pouring yours truly will not be doing it! and then I will help stamp books with another meeting this afternoon.  The big banquet is tonight.   Then tomorrow morning another walk, I will stamp again and then off I boogy to downtown Vancouver where I will be staying at the Y hotel until Thursday morning.  I've stayed there quite a few times and really like it.  I've decided to explore different areas of Vancouver this time and do different walks than I have done before.  Should be interesting!  The rain is supposed to only be for today.  Here's hoping...

Of course I am suffering from jet lag and so am awake early in the a.m. and ready to crash by 9 p.m.  Just call me Ms Party Pooper!  More chatter coming up once I hit Vancouver. 

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