Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dogs Waiting

Well here we go on another (short and lame) dog post...I like to take pictures of dogs when I am traveling and especially dogs that are waiting for their owner to come out of the shop, restaurant or post office....don't ask me why but I do.  So here we go...dogs I saw patiently waiting during my last trip.

London March 2016 - don't ask me where because I can't remember!!!

Pup waiting while its owner went fishing - Piran, Slovenia March 2016

Patiently waiting in Ljubljana, Slovenia - March 2016

This trio were waiting outside the Grace Darling museum in Bamburgh, Northumberland May 2016 - their "dad" wasn't far away.

Outside a shop in Berwick, Northumberland  May 2016 - guarding the backpack as well.

Rosie, the border collie waiting for her mum outside a grocery store in Wick, Scotland - May 2016

Not sure if this one was waiting or wanting to do quality control on the food in the cafe - Kenwood House, London

This gang was hanging out while their owners had tea at the Kenwood House outdoor cafe - the dachsund whose rear end is own shown in this picture never shut up - yap, yap, yap...there is a reason only its a** is showing because that's what it was!!! I had planned to sit down and have a cuppa but couldn't stand the racket!!  Hampstead Heath, London May 2016

This one was pretty chilled out - but then again Salt Spring Island in British Columbia is pretty chill!

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