Thursday, June 2, 2016

Walking my socks off in Vancouver - day one

Yes I was a busy bee in Vancouver and I have the sore body to prove it.  My mind keeps thinking I'm a hiker but my body says "no way you stupid woman".  Anyway I had a fab time in Vancouver.'s "had" as I'm now in Salt Spring.  I arrived today and I think I am going to love it here. 

But let's get back to Vancouver...

So let's start with Monday.  I had arranged to meet my friend Darlene at 10:30 at Richmond Centre but first Iwent to a coffee shop downtown - same place as last time I was here.  Okay what is it that I can't find coffee shops when I need them in Vancouver - it's a big city and there has to be tons but I sure can't find them - not when I need them anyway. (like first thing in the a.m. to prevent the headache I get if I don't get my caffeine...yes I am an addict and I prefer to stay that way thank you very much)  Anyway after I had my coffee and scone I headed down to the harbour and watched the sea planes come and go and come and go and well you get the drift.  I love sea planes..I have been on a seaplane once but come Monday it will be twice.  Eeee...eeeee!!!  I can't wait! 

There was a Disney cruise liner in dock as well.   Did you know that instead of sounding a horn they play the first notes of "When You Wish Upon a Star".  Okay it was cute the first time but after that...I only heard it about three times and I was ready to take somebody out.  Ah need for me to go on a Disney Cruise - my idea of hell!

I took the Skytrain out to Richmond and met Darlene.  We went to the Richmond market where she picked up some fresh veggies and fruit - and I got to take some of her locally grown strawberries which I enjoyed later.  (yum). We then drove along the Fraser River in Steveston which is close to where she lives. 

We then went for fish and chips at Pajo's on the dock at Steveston.  It was absolutely packed and we waited for half an hour.  I picked up our order which they put on a weird high tray - well muggins here went to put it on the table and it tipped and Darlene's cod sandwich went on the dock.  She ate it anyway and said it tasted okay but I was mortified.  Why couldn't it have been my salmon and chips (which was delicious) instead?  I was so rattled I forgot to take a picture of my food...but it didn't affect my chomping down!   To work off our lunch we headed off on a trail beside the river but first we visited the Gulf of Georgia Cannery shop.  This National Historic site was the largest salmon cannery in British Columbia - opened in 1894 and closed in 1979.  Next time we plan to visit the museum. 

We passed another National Historic Site but it was closed and no time to visit anyway - next time, next time!

And we saw this as well....even tough tatooed guys can be softies when it comes to their dogs...but it was still damn weird and we had to take pictures...I mean c'mon!

Then back to Darlene's for a cold drink and a visit with her husband Bob.   Darlene and I have been penpals since 1967...but we are good friends now and every time I go to Vancouver I see her and she has been to Regina as well.  Anyway a couple of hours later it was time to say goodbye so she dropped me off at the Seabus and off I went to the Prince Edward station so I could go to Queen Elizzabeth Park.  I found the park no problem but it's huge - finally I made my way to the gardens and huff, puff...up to the look out...

I then went to the Bloedel Conservatory and blew my mind on the birds...I have a soft spot for birds especially parrot types.  I have owned four cockatiels (Clancey, Jambo, Lucky and Buddy/Budetta...we were told "she" was a male until we discovered eggs in the cage) and one Golden Manteled Rosella (Joey).  Not all at the same time but damn near!!!  I almost totally ignored the flowers and went nutso over the birds..

Here are your token flower shots and now the birds....

This was the smallest of the bunch.  I was resting on a bench and it actually flew onto the back of the bench to sit beside me.  It did not look well - it kept closing its eyes and was fluffed up.  I kept getting closer and closer and it did not move; not a good thing.  I should have mentioned it to the staff and I thought about it but then I figured they would think I was interfering. 

I had wanted to walk at the Olympic Village but got on the wrong bus - I swear it said 15 on the front but turned out to be 50 and I then decided oh to hell with it and went downtown and back to the room.  I was exhausted.  So ended day Garmin said over 9 miles. 

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