Monday, July 25, 2016

Oh no - not another food post!

I still have so many stories to tell and pictures to share and I will!  I've been pet sitting and have spent the past week plus on vacation.  I fly home tonight but figured I had better get this post out  - it's been sitting waiting to go for a while...It's been kind of a crazy summer with another stint of pet sitting when I get back and then another trip - more details on that one later on.  So for now here are some of the fabulous meals I had while on my holiday this past Spring.  As you probably know I do love trying new food when I am traveling.  I think there is going to have to be a part two!  So keep a napkin by your side for the drooling and let's get started!

Cheese dumplings with mushrooms in a cream sauce.  Ljubljana, Slovenia.  This is considered more of an appetizer but I had it as my entree.  It was good but maybe too much of one thing...I should have had a salad with it. 

Bragoli in Vittoriosa, Malta.  This dish is called Beef Olives - but no olives in it (whew!)  Thin beef fillets stuffed with ground beef and an onion and herb mixture with tomato sauce on top...and obviously vegetables with this one as well.  Not shown:  the huge platter of lemon potatoes that came with it.  Needless to say I could barely finish half so two could share.  Very filling but good.

Now that's a burger!  Beef burger at the Railway Pub in Streatham with Claudia and Loraine. Those are huge onion rings sitting on a skewer.  Very good.  In my early days of traveling to the UK I would avoid "beef burgers" at all costs but they seem to have gotten the hang of it now.  Let's just say the food keeps getting better and better because it sure as hell couldn't have gotten much worse! 

Scallops - the best I've had since Newfoundland in 2008!  These were at Faulkner Fisheries at L'Etacq on Jersey's west coast.  They came with salad, Jersey Royals (Jersey's famous new potatoes) and bread.  Oh my my my.  Highly recommended.  It is all very basic and you have to sit outside  so it is seasonal.  But well worth it!

Toad in a hole..sausages baked in batter.  (I actually made this dish way back in my 20's..only once mind but I did it - aren't you impressed?) with chips on the side.  YUM! At a little cafe in Alnwick, Northumberland.  Just what I needed on a dull drizzly day.

Victoria sponge cake at the cafe in Dunrobin Castle, Golspie, Scotland.  I usually avoid Victoria sponge as it always looks so dry but this looked moist.  And it was!

While we're on the subject of desserts...I indulged now and again and this was at a traditional restaurant in Sliema, Malta.  This place was packed but because I was a single they were able to fit me at a small table outside.  Aside from the Cannelloni and ice cream I can't say what the others were but they sure tasted good!

Momos at the Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane.  I have been coming here for years.  The food that is available is out of this world but I always find my way to this booth.  It is run by a couple from Tibet.  I always get the combo of 8 different fillings...veggie, lamb, pork, beef...and more.  So good! (burp!)


Lobster salad in Gorey, Jersey - this was in the hotel right next to my airbnb.  Rather a bit of a splurge meal but very delish.

Turkish pide in London - kind of over done and not really like what I had in Turkey.  But it's probably as close as I am going to get without going back.

I like to try traditional things and this was "special sausage" in Ljubljana, Slovenia.   It was just okay - I had ordered turnip and they brought me sauerkraut.  Not a fan but was too tired to change it so picked away at it.  Went back to my airbnb and cooked up a couple of eggs I had bought.   Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...

This cake redeemed Slovenian cooking though...known as Lake Bled cake.  Custard and sugar and cream...oh my my.

This was my breakfast one morning in Sliema, Malta - my airbnb host Alexander always had something unique for me to eat.  Delish!!!

(Posh) Sunday roast at a pub in West Brompton, London.  Sunday roasts are an iconic meal in pubs in the United Kingdom and I try to get to at least one during my visits.  My new Ozzie friend Loraine and I visited this pub after a guided tour of West Brompton Cemetery.  It was a bit on the expensive side but very good..and posh!!

Ftira in Malta.  Need I add I couldn't finish this.

Last but certainly not least...Jersey Ice Cream topped with a dollop of Jersey Cream in St Helier, Jersey.  

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