Friday, October 28, 2016

Chasing dinosaurs in Harrisburg, Pennyslvania

As people who read this blog know I love quirky colourful pieces of art work and sculptures and especially whimsical temporary ones that lead me on a chase around a city.   London had Paddington Bears and Shaun the Sheep and Liverpool had its ducks. (which reminds me, I never did do a blog post on that...hmmm...) So you can imagine how excited I was when I was doing the capital city walk in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and saw the second dinosaur.  The first one I saw was from across the street and while I was vaguely interested it didn't occur to me that this was a "thing" until I saw the second one.  Then the chase was on!  It was a Dinomite Summer in Harrisburg and funds raised from the auction of these guys were to benefit a shelter for women and their children. Needless to say my walk that day was a "teensy bit" longer than the 6 km route I was to follow.  So without further preamble here are the characters that lived on the streets of this pretty Pennsylvania capital this summer.  I hope they've all found a nice permanent home!

This was the first dinosaur I saw - I didn't bother crossing over the street but thought "oh how cute" and carried on.  Meet Strawberrysaurus Rex.

When I saw this guy I got excited and the hunt was on!  Meet Tourist Rex.

Officer Rex 

And a cow to throw into the mix - obviously they had a "cow parade" at some time in the city.

Crown Jewel Saurus 


Circus Saurus 

Transformer Rex

Close-up of the handsome guy (!) 

One of my favourites...Bedrock Dino.  Who didn't love Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty?

Butterfly Saurus

Two shots of Punk Rockasaurus. (because he was so cute!) 

Decopage Saurus

Piggy Bankasaurus - another favourite! 

Nature Saurus

Daisy Saurus

Ref a Saurus

I was more intrigued by the tiny building in the middle than the Rockem Sockem Dinos Red! 

Sugar Saurus

And here's a close up..

Tex Mex Rex

Education Dino

And now for my personal favourite...Prehistoric Parking.  I mean c'mon..couldn't they have thought of a more suitable name for such a handsome guy?   Let's call it Cowboy Saurus.

I mean, look at that face? 

I then got on with the serious business of my walk, visiting the state capital building and walking around the area.  Once I headed over to the river for the last part of the walk I came across these characters...

Gradu Saurus

Another cow! 

I loved this one as it had the state capitol building on it as well as other government buildings I had just seen.

Rubber Duckasaurus

Floral Saurus


I wanted to walk beside the river but kept seeing these characters so was busy dashing across the street every time I saw one. I see from looking at the map online that there were a few more I missed which kind of ticks me off.  As I didn't have a map nor data access on my cell phone in the U.S. I wasn't able to see the "big picture".  Ah well.  I hope you enjoyed meeting these crazy characters as much as I did!!!  

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